Electronic Prescriptions

Medical software specialist Best Practice steps in to eRx electronic prescriptions

GPs and pharmacists will soon be able to exchange prescriptions electronically, with the partnering of medical software specialist Best Practice and national electronic prescriptions platform eRx Script Exchange.

eRx Script Exchange will enable GPs to send prescriptions electronically through a secure, encrypted gateway,for later retrieval from a patient's pharmacy of choice.

Best Practice is delivering the final vital connection that allows GPs and medical specialists to send electronicprescriptions, through integration of their clinical management software.

According to practicing GP and CEO of Best Practice, Dr Frank Pyefinch, national electronic prescribing is asignificant milestone in improving communication between GPs and pharmacists.

"Electronic prescribing will improve the sharing of vital health information between GPs and pharmacists,leading to better coordination and management of patient care and medication for GPs and medicalspecialists. It will also reduce the risks associated with prescribing and administering drugs."

Graham Cunningham, Chairman of eRx Script Exchange, says, "We're very pleased to join forces with Dr FrankPyefinch, CEO, Best Practice in the creation of a secure, nation-wide platform for electronic prescribing.""As a practicing GP and well-known advocate for e-health, Frank brings extensive knowledge of the needs ofGPs and medical specialists. He is also a pioneer of clinical management software, and the original developerof the most widely used medical software used in Australia today, bringing expertise in translating those needsinto software."

All doctors, medical facilities and pharmacies will be able to access eRx Script Exchange, no matter whatsoftware they use. The Australia-wide launch is due by mid 2009.

eRx Script Exchange will be demonstrating the electronic prescription process at the Australian PharmacyProfessionals Conference on the Gold Coast from 2-5 April 2009. Visit stands 145,151 for a demonstration.

About eRx Script Exchange
eRx Script Exchange is an industry-driven initiative designed to improve health outcomes for all Australians. Led bypharmacy IT specialist Fred Health, it brings together expertise in the e-health needs of pharmacists, GPs and medicalpractitioners. eRx Script Exchange utilises the development expertise of health exchange specialist Simpl NZ, MicrosoftAustralia, HP and industry leaders Fred Health and Best Practice Software. eRx Script Exchange is fully endorsed by thePharmacy Guild of Australia.

About Best Practice
Best Practice Software Pty Ltd is a privately owned, independent company that sources the best quality and mostinnovative software designed for use in Australian medical practice. With an experienced team, the company aims toprovide quality service and support to customers at an affordable price.