Mint & Lime Kombucha Mojito

Mint & Lime Kombucha Mojito

Mint & Lime Kombucha Mojito

"This cocktail is based on the classic mojito but unlike the original version it is rich in natural vitamin C, vitamin B, antioxidants and minerals that help to maintain a happy and healthy gut."

- 1.7L of Homemade Kombucha (from First Fermentation)
- 2 Sprigs of Fresh Mint Leaves
- 2 Limes
- 2 Tbsp Rapadura Sugar or Coconut Sugar (Optional)

1. First, squeeze the limes to produce fresh lime juice.
2. Combine the lime juice with mint leaves, a splash of kombucha and sugar (if using).
3. Strain mixture through wire mesh sieve and collect minty lime juice.
4. Pour kombucha into fermentation bottles and equally distribute mint lime juice into bottles.
5. Allow to ferment for 3-10 days.
6. Chill before serving. Enjoy!


"To really reap the benefits from the kefir and kombucha in these recipes, I would strongly recommend using home-made versions, which are super simple to do at home. You can find step-by-step guides on" 

Recipes provided by Kriben Govender, Food Scientist, Registered Nutritionist and Founder of gut health superstore

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