Meccano Spykee Micro Robot

Meccano Spykee Micro Robot


Meccano has released one of their most innovative products ever with a small moving robot with multiple levels of functionality but unlike anything else on the market, this is a robot you assemble yourself in the true Meccano tradition.

Spykee Micro Robot is assembled from twenty pieces and stands six inches tall with a beautiful futuristic design. The robot is available in colours green, purple, orange and blue. It's easy built together with the enclosed tool and instructions.

He is your personal mini robot that runs around on rubber tank tracks on variety of surfaces. The movement allows full forward spin, articulating head and arms and is easily controlled via IR (Infrared) remote control. This adorable robot is just like a new pet, but without all of the mess and fuss!

With the ultra smart IR remote, you control all of Spykee's movement, plus Spykee has four different sounds and dazzling light effects for hours of fun!

Review: Not all of us are inventors but with the Meccano Spykee Micro Robot you can be. What child (or adult) hasn't imagined building a Robot. This cool toy not only helps expand your child's imagination and creativity, it also encourages problem solving and play. Available in a range of colours so everyone in the family can build their own....

Spykee Micro Robot
RRP: $49.95
Available from all leading toy and hobby retailers, for stockists call (02) 9749 1733