Mazy You Got Me

Mazy You Got Me

Having spent the last 12 months writing and re-defining their unique sound, Marrickville trio, Mazy, bring their stomping neo-psychedelic brit-rock sound to the forefront with the release of their brand new single 'You Got Me' which dropped on Sweat It Out.

Consisting of Ben Tierney (Vocals/Guitar), Tim Grimes (Keys/Percussion/Vocals) and Sam Clayton (Bass/Vocals), the band fuses rock n roll, acid house, pop, and dance into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour and noise. Recruiting Kim Moyes (from The Presets) for mixing duties, Mazy blends hypnotic vocal melodies with anthemic guitars and soaring synth hooks which echo the likes of Jagwar Ma, POND, The Beach Boys and The Stone Roses. 

Stylistically drawing influence from UK indie-rock and the gritty streets of Melbourne, the accompanying music video directed by W.A.M (Bill) Bleakley is an exemplary display of storytelling. Following the narrative of a misunderstood youth, trying to find his place within the world, and standing up for himself, the video combines to create what is already a bold and unforgettable release for newcomers Mazy.

Sharing the evolution of the single, the trio share "we wrote this in our old apartment above a bakery in Leichhardt. Although we didn't love the original production, we felt there was a good song buried somewhere under the one million synth parts we had. After some tinkering with instrumentation and a sweet mix from Kim Moyes, it gained some new life for us. It's now the most rock n roll song in our live set and it seemed like the right vibe to launch our next wave of music". Further detailing the intention behind the lyrics, they continue "the song is about being hung up on someone. Feeling the sting of unrequited love and wanting to let someone know you're still there despite everything that's happened... There's loneliness, but also hope in seeing someone move on and being inspired to do the same".

With their live show being the centre of their musicianship, the band quickly sold out their show at Sydney's Project 107, and are looking forward to sharing a plethora of new music with their fans.

Mazy's new single 'You Got Me' is out now on Sweat It Out.