Luxe Style with House of LX

Luxe Style with House of LX

Luxe Style with House of LX

Many fashion trends come and go, while some leave a lasting impression for decades to come. Take the choker – a versatile -90s piece that has seen a strong revival, from the tattoo style we all wore back in the day to the leather wraps that can be tied in different ways. Chokers add an edge to any outfit, and emerging Melbourne fashion jewellery brand, House of Lx, has taken a -luxe' approach to the choker to create a premium aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Fashion with substance, House of Lx is an exciting brand to watch for their go-getting, girl-power attitude. Founded by Alex Streza, the brand takes inspiration from classic, feminine elegance and infuses a modern, luxurious twist in their designs.

House of Lx's crystal chokers and couture neckpieces are standout styles in their collection for their classy designs and signature sparkle. Sure to make jaws drop on a night out, a House of Lx crystal choker is the perfect accessory to instantly elevate your style from plain to chic. As versatile as they are fashionable, the crystal chokers can be double-wrapped and worn as a bracelet, depending on your mood. For a show-stopping look, you can't go past a House of Lx neckpiece for the ultimate -luxe' accessory.

House of Lx's jewellery collections include quality pieces that can be layered beautifully with each other, taking the guessing game out of styling. Complementing the busy lifestyles of multi-dimensional women, House of Lx adds a stylish confidence boost for when you're striding through bustling city streets, sipping cosmopolitans at the bar and glamming up for a special event.

Successful businesswomen and social media stars have been spotted wearing House of Lx, including LA based Lilly Ghalichi, Australian stylist Collette Emily and Croatian blogger Jelena Peric, to name a few (pictured). The 'luxe' aesthetic on Instagram continues to be a subject of double-tap frenzy, and it makes sense that House of Lx would be a hit amongst key fashion influencers.

'Fashion lovers love to add a bit of sparkle to their selfie game. I am truly humbled by the response House of Lx has received so far," Alex said.

Having a point of difference, a luxury feel and an unstoppable attitude defines House of Lx's collection. "It's important to keep the designs relevant but not be a slave to trends," Alex said.

Although the collections have a higher-end feel, House of Lx products are made accessible with a range of prices to suit your budget. 'I wanted to create a sense of luxury that is attainable for stylish women everywhere," Alex said.

'I created House of Lx to celebrate femininity. Everything about the brand and jewellery designs exudes femininity, boldness and confidence – which are the core feelings at the heart of the brand."

The brand aims to evolve with each new collection, while their philosophy remains the same. Alex said, "The ethos for my brand lies within our luxe approach of enhancing your style through wearing a truly beautiful piece of jewellery, thoughtfully designed to inspire you to feel your best."

'I encourage women to put their best self forward, and if a special piece of jewellery makes them feel fab, magic is bound to follow."

For some seriously deluxe inspiration, check out @HouseofLx on Instagram. The full range is available at