Lundby Smaland Doll's House

Lundby Smaland Doll's House

Lundby Småland Doll's House

70 years after pioneering lighting in doll's houses, Lundby Sweden has introduced a remote-control lighting system for their Småland doll's house so now you can light up the rooms you want or all of them! In another innovative step for 2015, Lundby launched a new TV and music unit accessory that includes a built-in BluetoothTM speaker so now you can also listen to your favourite music.

Interior designers Ann Morsing and Beban Nord of Box Design in Stockholm have ensured this famous doll's house combines Lundby Småland's classic look with a new open floor plan with brand new open plan kitchen. The interior decoration was created in cooperation with Swedish wallpaper design firm Sandberg, which gives the walls a romantic yet modern look due to patterns and colours that nod to the past but look to the future.

The Lundby Småland doll's house comes with the built-in Lundby 4.5 volt child safe lighting system which is what makes this doll's house so desirable. Even the paintings were especially commissioned by renowned Swedish artist Lisa Rinnevuo and each has a story to tell.


The new Småland dolls' house offers plenty of space for playing both indoors and out, and can easily be expanded with another floor and a lovely summer or winter garden, and all windows and the balcony doors can be opened. The Lundby Småland doll's house comes flat packed – with over 40 additional furniture and accessory sets available to ensure every detail is covered, including Lundby families, friends and pets. Each furniture and accessory set comes with even more goodies to make this gorgeous house into a home. They include garden furniture, loft bed, trampoline, lighting up snowman and Christmas tree, books, food, lights and more – just what every Lundby family needs.

Lundby is the oldest-established doll's house manufacturer in the world. Since 1947, they've been creating houses so realistic that you'll be tempted to move in yourself.  Lundby works on a 1:18 scale and the 4.5 volt child-safe lighting system unique to Lundby and built-in to the doll's houses.


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