Lindt Gourmet Truffles

Lindt Gourmet Truffles

Lindt Gourmet Truffles

High Tea goes gourmet

High Tea is our latest indulgence, and Lindts new Gourmet Truffles are the perfect indulgent treat to turn any afternoon tea into a gourmets delight.

Lindt Gourmet Truffles are gloriously rich, double-dipped, chocolate truffles with a creamy, smooth melting centre, skilfully created by Lindts Master Chocolatiers.

Presented in a luxurious golden box, delicious Gourmet Truffles are perfect for giftingand sharing, as well as making afternoon tea into a special event .

The beautiful Gourmet Truffles box is filled with an exquisite choice of delicatelydecorated milk, white, dark, vanilla, hazelnut and orange chocolate truffles. EachTruffle has a creamy, flavoured chocolate centre, wrapped in a fine milk, dark or whiteshell.

Customer comments on Lindt Gourmet Truffles:
"This is the best chocolate Ive ever had."
"Out of this world!"
"I knew Lindt was good, but this product is just extraordinary."

I have to agree, the Lindt Gourmet Truffles are devilishly divine!

Lindt Gourmet Truffles, 235 g, RRP $16.99, can be found at Coles, Woolworths, Big W andDavid Jones. For more information visit

Why is Lindt chocolate so good?

Lindt & Sprüngli have been making chocolates for 160 years. Rodolphe Lindtpioneered the process of conching, the lengthy procedure of churning and stirring, andrefining the chocolate paste until it develops a dark, velvety texture that slowly meltson the tongue. And although many others have tried, they have been unable toreproduce Lindt's unique quality.