Lindor Milk Salted Caramel

Lindor Milk Salted Caramel

When you make time to enjoy a LINDOR moment in your day, life feels so much more sublime.

When you unwrap LINDOR and break through the delicate shell of fine Lindt milk chocolate you are met with a smooth, velvety melting chocolate filling which has been artfully blended with rich caramel. The rich flavour of Lindt's finest milk chocolate delivers delicate notes of cocoa and malt that perfectly complement the decadent flavour of the caramel. The addition of sea salt balances the sweetness and brings out the complexity in the chocolate.

LINDOR Milk Salted Caramel is a treat for all the senses.


Australia's Lindt Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler says: "Something magical happens when fine milk chocolate, rich caramel and quality sea salt are combined, and we have created something very special in these LINDOR Milk Salted Caramel truffles.

"Since its creation in 1980, salted caramel has steadily grown in popularity, but in recent years we have seen it become a phenomenon. We are excited to bring trends and tastes of Europe to Australia. "Australians have a refined palette when it comes to chocolate, favouring rich and elegant flavour combinations which is delivered perfectly in our new LINDOR truffles.

"At Lindt, we Master Chocolatiers are immensely passionate and draw on over 175 years of chocolate-making know-how to create the most perfect recipes.

"Our caramel's uniquely rich and intense flavour notes can only be achieved through our unique caramelisation process of the sugar.

"And with the addition of Fleur de Sel sea salt, we can elevate the eating experience - creating the perfect moment of bliss.

"It all just works perfectly."

Thomas adds: "To experience LINDOR Milk Salted Caramel truffles at their finest, enjoy them at room temperature. This will guarantee a luxurious melt-in-the-mouth moment.

"The delicate chocolate shell will melt away to reveal the smooth decadent truffle and release the full flavour profile."


LINDOR Milk Salted Caramel

Available in a 123g bag.
Perfect for enjoying by yourself, sharing with family and friends or as a gift.
Priced at $8.00 RRP.
Available at all Lindt retail stores and supermarkets nationally.

Pairing Suggestion: For the ultimate me-time moment,Pairing Suggestion: For the ultimate me-time moment,
Thomas suggests enjoying the new LINDOR Milk Salted CaramelThomas suggests enjoying the new LINDOR Milk Salted Caramel with an English Breakfast Tea.with an English Breakfast Tea.
The strong character of the tea blend, balanced with a splashThe strong character of the tea blend, balanced with a splash of milk, complements the caramel flavour and smooth velvetyof milk, complements the caramel flavour and smooth velvety LINDOR chocolate perfectly.LINDOR chocolate perfectly.
An e
ffortlessly rounded tasting experience.An effortlessly rounded tasting experience.



Deliciously smooth and satisfying, a worthy treat.