Lenard's Snaggy's Pattie and Egg Muffin

Lenard's Snaggy's Pattie and Egg Muffin
Lenard's is a multi-award winning company which prides itself on being Australia's leading fresh chicken retailer.

Lenard's understands the importance of getting children involved in mealtimes to help them develop positive attitudes about food. This is why they have developed Lenny’s World, a site where kids can access easy recipes, play games and get tips on helping out in the kitchen. Visit www.lenards.com.au for more information.

In addition to being fun, getting kids involved in the kitchen can turn even the fussiest of eaters onto new foods. This is why Lenard's have developed Lenny's World www.lenards.com.au/Kids.aspx a place where kids can explore the wonderful world of food in a child-friendly environment.

Here is an example of an easy recipe for your child to try from the Lenard's website.

Snaggy's Pattie and Egg Muffin

Snaggy never skips breakfast because he knows that it gives him the vital energy that he needs to start the day. Snaggy's favourite breakfast is his Pattie & Egg Muffin which features a delicious Lenard's Chicken Pattie. It's easy to make with just a little help from Mum or Dad.

Serves: 1

1 yummy Lenard's Chicken Pattie (Snaggy's favourite flavour is herb & garlic)
1 English muffin
1 slice tomato
1 slice cheese
1 egg
Tomato sauce

1. Using an egg ring cook the egg
2. Cook the pattie using one of the following instructions:
  • Shallow Fry 4 mins each side 160C (MED/LOW)
  • BBQ 8 mins each side
  • Oven Bake 10 mins each side 180C (MED)
  • Microwave 2.5mins per unit (HIGH)
    3. Cut the muffin in half and toast
    4. On one half of the muffin place a slice of cheese, the cooked pattie, a slice of tomato and the cooked egg.
    5. Top the ingredients in the muffin with tomato sauce*

    * For a different taste Snaggy suggests replacing the tomato sauce with BBQ sauce and/or mayonnaise.

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