Leanne Hall Multi-tasking Mothers Interview

Leanne Hall Multi-tasking Mothers Interview

Leanne Hall Multi-tasking Mothers Interview

Need to change a nappy on the go? BabyLove knows just how frantic motherhood can be especially when you add into the mix the fast-paced world of online. From researching the internet, to sharing advice and posting the latest baby snap on Facebook – our new generation of mums is operating at faster speed than ever before.

'We know that today's mum is fulfilling multiple roles and often multi-tasking as she goes – including juggling a speedy nappy change whilst trying to keep a wriggly baby or curious toddler still," said BabyLove's Jessica Trinh.

The nappy brand's solution for fast paced mums is BabyLove Nappy Pants, enabling a faster nappy change for little ones, thanks to their stretchy waistband which allows mums to pull up pants quickly and easily whilst bub is wriggling or attempting a fast exit. There are no tabs to struggle with, and instant absorption for comfort.

BabyLove's Spokesperson, Clinical Psychologist Leanne Hall says Millennial mums are the Queens of multi-tasking; 'Research shows that the brain changes according to generational changes in the environment. So, if you consider today's fast paced social media driven environment - this means that Millennial mum's have brains designed for multitasking!"

Other Traits of our Millennial Mums:
1. They are tech-savvy and highly connected through social media
2. They embrace change, are open-minded and optimistic
3. Image is important – from how mum looks, to their toddler's fashion
4. Highly informed – From Dr Google to mum's forums, they have an insatiable appetite for information
5. Higher levels of anxiety as they juggle multiple roles and idealistic expectations.

Leanne Hall warns that the modern expectations of the -perfect' life – as often shared through the social media lens – can be an issue for young mums who feel pressure to live up to perfect images of parenthood, or experience competitiveness, anxiety and even guilt.

'Today's parents face the added pressures and expectations of social media, and living up to society's idealised expectations of motherhood, but the reality is that perfection doesn't exist and sometimes nothing goes to plan," said Leanne Hall.

BabyLove and Leanne Hall have collaborated on their top tips to help mums juggle the demands of multiple roles:

1. Identify your priorities. Focus on what's most important and resist the temptation to get drawn into trying to do 'everything".
2. Be flexible. Having a plan for the day is fine – but any mum will tell you that curve balls can be thrown at any time. It's important to learn how to adapt to the unknown.
3. Learn how to say NO. Not just to your child, but to everyone else who wants your time. Setting healthy boundaries is important – even if it means saying 'no" to a close friend or even your boss!
4. Challenge perfectionism. Guess what? Perfection does not exist. Learn to be OK with being enough, by always remembering that YOU ARE ENOUGH (just the way you are).
5. Take time out. Stop. Pause. This isn't being selfish, it's about self-care. You cannot nurture others from an empty cup. Learn to fill yours by taking time to be mindful, meditate or simply sit with a cup of tea and your favourite book.

'Watching a child grow is an important and joyful time for any parent and BabyLove strives to continuously develop outstanding baby products that help parents and their baby on this exciting journey," says Jessica Trinh.

BabyLove's newly enhanced Nappy Pants feature highly absorbent DriWaveTM technology, which absorbs moisture instantly and draws liquid away from the nappy surface. The ultra-soft soft, wavy surface layer minimises skin contact and reduces the risk of skin irritations. The 360-degree soft and stretchy waistband provides not only a quick change for mum, but delivers a greater level of comfort and flexibility for youngsters to get on with exploring the world. The nappy pants can be pulled up whilst a toddler is standing, and include easy-to-tear side seams so mum can remove easily. BabyLove Nappy Pants are available in 4 sizes – Wriggler (7-11kg), Toddler (9-14kg), Walker(12-17kg) and Junior (15-25kg)

To obtain further information about BabyLove's range of Nappy Pants please visit their website: www.babylovenappies.com.au or www.facebook.com/BabyLoveNappies

Interview with Leanne Hall, Clinical Psychologist and BabyLove spokesperson

Question: How are millennial mums uniquely approaching motherhood?

Leanne Hall: By multitasking, using social media, and by making being a mum about 'fun". Being a mum is a role that is more 'on show" than in previous generations due to social media and the media.

Question: Why is it important for millennial mums to multi-task?

Leanne Hall: Because many have the demands of multiple roles, with multiple activities - There is also pressure via social media and the media to be 'perfect" and to be all things to all people (see above: parenting is now much more on show) . This does create pressure, which means millennial mums need to be able to juggle many things at once.

Question: How are millennial mums using technology to positively influence their families?

Leanne Hall: By creating virtual online support communities with other mums, by preparing their children for a world full of technology (teaching them to use technology at an early age), by creating memories not just about the big things, but all the little things as well. By creating a sense of belonging; whether it be among peers or even among particular online communities.

Question: What are the positives and negatives associated with Dr Google and Mum Forums?

Leanne Hall: RE: Dr Google
Positives: encourages learning, empowering through knowledge, promotes responsibility for own health and wellbeing.
Negatives: Many unqualified 'experts" and inaccurate information (need to know where to look), can increase anxiety due to inaccurate diagnosis, can increase risk as sometimes professional advice not sought or even ignored.

RE: Mums Forums
Positives: Support, reassurance and guidance. Validation (it's not just me!)
Negatives: Can also increase anxiety (why is my child not doing that yet?), can create unnecessary worry, can contribute to the development of high and/or unrealistic expectations.

How does social media put expectations on parents?
The information we are exposed to on social media is often not representative of 'real parenting". It's the highlight reel - the best bits. This results in mums putting certain expectations on themselves to live up to what they see - in a way it creates an inaccurate and skewed idea of what's 'normal".

Question: What advice do you have for mothers who feel pressured to live up to other mother's on social media?

Leanne Hall: Create limits on exposure - have time away from social media. Balance the information with support/advice/information from friends and family who are much more likely to give 'real" information which can be validating. Take everything with a grain of salt; it's fine to feel inspired but always remember that we are all different, and our lives are different. What works for one person may not work for another. Remember that all you really see on social media is what people WANT you to see - everyone has down days, days where being a mum is a chore and NOT FUN! Mum's everywhere have days where it all feels too hard… and we question whether we are doing a good job. Who posts on social media when they feel like that? No one!

Question: How will a parent's high-technology use impact their children, as they age?

Leanne Hall: The positives are that it will prepare them for a world dominated by technology - and it will help their brains learn to multitask.

It also means that they can monitor and understand what their children are doing on social media etc, hence, encourage connection with their children. Parents need to be able to 'keep up" in order to know exactly what sites their children are accessing.

The negatives are that it may encourage their children to over use technology (role modelling) - which could result in children with under developed social skills, lack of confidence in social settings, anxiety, over valuing appearance, body image issues etc...For parents who use technology too much, it can negatively impact all relationships including their relationship with their children - children feeling ignored, as though parents not interested in them.

Interview with Jessica Trinh, from BabyLove

Question: Why do parents love BabyLove Nappy Pants?

Jessica Trinh: BabyLove Nappy Pants make nappy changes easier and provide bubs with greater freedom to move. Whether you have a wriggly bub or an adventurous toddler, the stretchy waistband allows parents to easily pull up nappy pants fast. Parents love the DriWaveTM layer because it quickly draws liquid away from the nappy surface, and ultra-soft soft, wavy surface layer minimises skin contact and reduces the risk of skin irritations.

Question: Who have these Nappy Pants been created for?

Jessica Trinh: BabyLove Nappy Pants suit little ones at all stages, with BabyLove Nappy Pants fitting bubs as small as 7kg to toddlers up to 25kg. The -all in one' nappy pant is easy to change when juggling a wriggly baby or holding still an active toddler.

Question: Can you share your top nappy-changing tips?

Jessica Trinh: The first major challenge for parents when changing nappies is just before babies start crawling. Babies become extremely active and constantly want to toss and turn when lying on their back, making nappy change time difficult for parents. Our solution for this stage is BabyLove Wriggler Nappy Pants which helps to make change time easier for wriggly babies.

As babies grow into toddlers, boredom becomes an issue and they just don't want to stay still or lie down for nappy changes. BabyLove Nappy Pants provides an easy to change solution, and you'll even be able to quickly change them standing up, perfect for such active little toddlers. Nappy Pants also helps toddlers to learn where to place their feet and some even enjoy putting it on themselves!

Interview by Brooke Hunter