Kmart Endless Days of Play

Kmart Endless Days of Play

Kmart Endless Days of Play


As parents across the country eagerly await the release of the toy catalogues from the major Australian retailers, one of the players has made a bold move to change the rules. Aligning the annual event with their famous strategy of everyday low prices, Kmart will this week launch a massive new range of toys. But unlike the other retailers, their prices will stay that low all year round.

Kmart has also made the decision to no longer offer 6 month layby on their toys range, following customer feedback and a shift in shopping habits. With annual -toy sales' top of mind for many Aussie consumers, recent research begs the question – in 2013, how relevant are mid-year sales?

Independent research commissioned by Kmart found:

- 94% of Australians said they would prefer it if retailers offered low prices each and every day rather than inflated prices to allow for discounts and sales periods

- Three quarters of Australians have said value for money is still the most important factor when shopping

- 64% of Aussies expect better value from bricks and mortar retailers because of the value now available online

Kmart Head of Toys, Nicole Szujda said the research results were no surprise: "I challenged my team to evolve with the Aussie consumers. So we redefined how much toys should cost in Australia, worked to maintain these low prices all year round, and ensured we remained competitive when other stores put their toys on sale.

"Customers are savvier than ever before and are under constant budget pressure. Families especially are doing it tough. We created a toy range focused on innovation and honest pricing – so that prices are the best they can be, all the time.

"Shoppers are doing the research online, they are talking to their friends, 87% of those surveyed told us that when they find a great product at a great price, they tell their friends about it," said Nicole.

"Other major Australian retailers will be slashing prices on toys at this time of year, to lure customers into store and put pressure on parents not to -miss out'. Parents told us that this had become a stressful time of year, and ironically shopping for toys wasn't as fun as it should be.

"Feedback from parents also told us kids change their minds. Buying toys six months in advance and guessing what they will want in the future was becoming harder and harder. So we have listened, and committed to prices in a catalogue that will run for over six months," said Nicole. In an Australian department store first, this will now allow parents to shop when it suits them, with the confidence that they are still getting great prices.

"We're confident the new Kmart toy range has been designed to offer the latest toys that reflect how play has evolved. Plus, the classics that parents know and love," added Nicole.


What did we learn at the Kmart Media Event?

Kmart has become the game changer, taking a new approach to your shopping experience and thinking more like a mum than a corporate.  Gone are the confusing pricing specials and catalogues that run out before you get into store. Recognising consumers needs, Kmart is dedicated to becoming more transparent and providing lower prices all year round.  But how does this effect quality?  Kmart has listened to it's customer based and sourced manufacturers with quality products that can provide stock all year round on essential items and removed the majority of the clutter.

With families spending an average of $10 a week on toys, removing the middle man was the answer to keeping the cost down and quality up.  Products in catalogues have a stocking guaranteed, meaning they will be available until Christmas at the same advertised price with no tricks. Kmart believes national brands are still important but has introduced more toys that complement those ranges and can blend. 


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