Feelings can be messy for even the most mature of adults, so it's no wonder that children sometimes find it difficult to convey their emotions! In particular as kids encounter big life experiences such as starting school, going away to camp without parents, or even experiencing bullying or feeling left out, emotions can be overwhelming as they struggle to identify, understand, express and control their feelings.

One innovative strategy helping children to effectively manage and communicate their feelings is a range of multi-award winning toys known as Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside®. Designed to promote strong parent child connections, Kimochis™, which means feelings in Japanese, help kids to identify and express emotions, one feeling at a time, whilst helping parents to better understand what their kids are trying to communicate.

The seven adorable, plush characters in the Kimochis™ range - Cloud™, Bug, Huggtopus™, Cat, Lovey Dove™, Bella Rose and Clover - each represent a different personality type and temperament, and within the pouches of each toy lives sets of feeling cushions, which represent the emotional challenges faced by each personality.  There are 29 feeling cushions ranging from angry, hurt, left out, frustrated, sad, to happy, friendly kind, brave, and silly, and with a facial expression on one side and the emotion written on the other, it makes it easy for children to identify what they are feeling.

When children can talk about their feelings, they build confidence, self-esteem and character, and use of Kimochis™ has shown to reduce instances of bullying as well as helping children with learning difficulties or who have experienced traumatic events.

Adorable, cute and cuddly, Kimochis are the perfect companion for young children to feel safe.

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