Jungle Behaviour

Jungle Behaviour

Jungle Behaviour

Child behaviour expert Laura Kiln has developed a fun and informative game called Jungle Behaviour for children and parents to play and learn together.

Parents are always on the look out for fun activities with educational components for their children and Jungle Behaviour fits this description perfectly - and is available in time for Christmas.

Jungle Behaviour shows children and their parents how to develop and use strategies to cope with everyday behavioural and emotional issues, as well as ADHD, oppositional behaviour and Aspergers, Laura explained.

"The game is suitable for children aged 4-10 years to play with their parents, who praise the children for making good choices," she said.
"It covers everyday situations, like getting dressed and doing homework, in a bright, colourful and vibrant jungle theme that appeals to young minds."

A Sydney preschool has been trailing Jungle Behaviour with children and managing director Jenny has been impressed with the results. "This game is proving invaluable in helping our children make good choices and we are not constantly repeating ourselves when we ask them to do something!" Jenny said.

Jungle Behaviour has been developed to help children with the following behavioural and emotional issues:
Oppositional behaviour

Three sets of cards come with the game (each dealing with one of the issues above) to use with the Jungle Behaviour game mat, or try a card mix, as children often 'tick' more than one box when it comes to behavioural and emotional issues.

"Jungle Behaviour can be played with more than one child by mixing the cards together. Parents can just pick out the most relevant cards for their kids," Laura said.

The game has been designed especially to facilitate specific learning opportunities and enables children to adjust their behaviour in certain situations. It can be played over and over again using the same cards, as children learn by repetition.

Laura said she had spent the past 20 years looking for a game that helped children learn tactics to deal with these issues in a fun and positive way but could not find one, so developed what she wanted herself!

Jungle BehaviourRRP: $47
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