Job security high priority Job Koalos cling to the money tree

JOB KOALAS CLING TO THE MONEY TREE More than a quarter of Australian employees are clinging to jobs they know will not further their careers because they say financial security is more important to them than being satisfied in their job. Rising credit card debt, interest rates and day-to-day living expenses in 2006 are all leading factors in contributing to scared Aussie workers according to a survey by Talent2, Australia’s leading human resources and recruitment firm.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, more than 50% of us spend over 40 hours a week at work, so there should be more than just financial security keeping us there. Other reasons for clinging to a job include being complacent, colleagues and the fact that work is close to home, according to the survey of 967 respondents to the survey.

Nearly 20% of workers say they do not like their job in the slightest, while 70% say they will be looking for a new job in 2007.

Geoff Whytrcoss of Talent2 says that there is no reason to stay in a job that you are unhappy with. With the unemployment rate being so low, but job vacancies being high, this is the time to make that move into your dream job. Employers are on the lookout for passionate, enthusiastic and eager employees.

"Australians are saying that their jobs are devoid of challenges and their duties are too routine. They are bored in their jobs basically. Even though a huge 93% of respondents to this survey told us that they constantly try to keep challenging themselves at work, bosses need to take an active role in this process and help keep jobs interesting and fresh. This will help reduce staff turnover and in turn reduce costs for businesses."