Baby boomers kept awake at night fearing IR reforms but IR reform has benefits

Baby boomers fear industrial relations reforms more than any other age bracket and say their worry about their job security keeps them awake at night according to a survey by Talent2, Australians leading human resource firm. But surprisingly, a large proportion of Australias working population simply do not know how IR reforms will affect their job security. Yet others are finding that negotiating their own contracts is hugely beneficial and allows for individualisation of contracts for individual circumstances.

Laura Mabikafola of Talent2 says in reality industrial relations reforms have not translated into wholesale sackings and mass picket lines and generally reforms seem to be accepted across the board.

"Western Australians are more likely to believe that IR reforms will negative impact on their jobs, whilst those in NSW and Victoria are far more accepting."

"The legal profession are more fearful than any other industry type, closely followed by those in the public sector, IT sector, manufacturing and banking/finance."

"Most employees are beginning to realise that it could be to their advantage to negotiate their own contracts especially when it comes to negotiating more learning and development, personal leave, maternity/paternity leave, hours of work, flexible work arrangements, etc. The reality is with the skills shortages increasing, employees are being able to negotiate additional benefits that may not have been written into prior contractual arrangements."