Howzat Wheelie Bin Designs

Howzat Wheelie Bin Designs

Wheelie Bin Designs

A wheelie great idea!

You've spent thousands landscaping your garden. You always try to keep your house and your garden look great. But what about that unsightly wheelie bin? is helping us make our wheelie bins prettier and more functional than ever before.

Created by two clever mums from Queensland, bin stickers are sure to change the face of Australian suburbs on bin night. Their amazing range of sticker designs don't just make your bin look pretty, they also act as a security device. Never will your bin be 'mistaken' for the neighbours again!

The range includes gorgeous nature images, quirky quotes like 'gone fishing' and 'trashed', a camouflage range, an NRL team range and sporty stickers like the very popular cricket stump design (never lose your wickets again!). You can even make up your own design. Some clever business owners are using this service to put permanent billboards on their bins.

These stickers make a really fun, quirky gift. Blokes love the 'Save water, drink beer' sticker. And grandparents love to receive a sticker featuring a 'master piece' by their grandchildren.

"We have been overwhelmed by the response to these stickers," Ruth Tomas, Chief Bin Lady, explains, "What started off as a small business idea has actually grown into something quite big for us. These stickers make people smile and we love to see that."

The stickers come in two sizes:

240L $34.95 (+P&H)
120L $29.95 (+P&H)

Check out the whole range at and make your bin 'wheelie' great.