Hickory Dickory & Mr Wolf

Hickory Dickory & Mr Wolf
Learning to tell the time is one of those great milestones for a child. It provides not only a great sense of achievement but also educational opportunities to learn about addition and subtraction and the practical application of numbers.

This collection features two albums, Hickory Dickory Dock and Whats the Time Mr Wolf and is all about clocks and the concept of time. And not just clocks with round faces and hands that go round and round. There are digital style clocks where the numbers flash and glow in the dark ("Buzz Beep Flash") and alarm clocks to wake us up ("Roll Over"). There are clocks in microwaves and in cars and computers ("I am everywhere").

Through a collection of popular and new songs, kids will have simple concepts of telling time and counting and how this relates to things around them introduced and reinforced through music and song.

"Double the Learning Fun" 2 for 1 pack
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