Hed Kandi at Favela

Hed Kandi at Favela

Hed Kandi at Favela

Favela, nightclub, Sydney has launched the first Australian weekly residency for one of the world's most iconic club brands Hed Kandi. Hed Kandi is a fantastic addition to the Friday clubbing market in Sydney.

Hed Kandi is one of the world's most iconic and glamorous brands, with a reputation for exhibiting the most lavish décor and clientele, from London to Ibiza, has finally found a perfect residential host in Sydney; the sexy and stylish club of the moment Favela.

The brand will bring to life the notoriously hard Friday nights with the best upfront, vocal, funky house music mixed with the whole Hed Kandi experience of performers, musicians and sexy Hed Kandi girls making it a fabulously fun night out.

Focusing on the Hed Kandi experience, and away from the gratuitous hands of the headline DJ, Hed Kandi at Favela will ride the wave of conceptual clubbing through experimental décor and themeing each week.

James Moses is one of Australia's most successful male models, he now owns Sydney's hottest club, Favela. Favela was voted Best New Club in Australia in 2007. We asked him about Hed Kandi.

How did the first week of Hed Kandi at Favela go?

James Moses: We had a great night, as expected it was full house!. After all the effort we put in to get this happening, it was great to see the crowd reciprocate this by showing up wet and windy night, having a great time and making a bit of a glam effort befitting of the Hed Kandi brand.

Why is the best place to be on a Friday?

James Moses: I have found that Sydney currently lacks a good Friday night! To have Hed Kandi every Friday night for a limited season anyway, creates a level of consistency so that people know the best place to be on a Friday is Favela. They know that they are always going to get a fun party, with exceptional music, in a high end venue that Hed Kandi have themed.

There are many different clubs now, what makes your club different to others?

James Moses: I guess you would have to say that our club is different in the sense exceptional sound delivered through our Funktion one Sound System! An amazing lighting system that contains 8000 lights as well as moving head lights! We have C02 jets that shoot carbon dioxide through the room. We have a great club which is backed by great club brands, 'Thursday night live' which is all live music, ' Hed Kandi' on Fridays, 'Musik Matters' on Saturdays and 'Made in Brazil' on Sundays! Great brands that represent the venue in a different way, but each and every person who comes to the venue know what they are going to get before they walk in the door!

You are a very successful model why have you decided to move into nightclubs?

James Moses: When i was modeling in London I use to work at a restaurant/bar/ club called collection! I really enjoyed it, there was always a buzz in the place, I guess I developed a taste for it!

Has it been a shock going from modeling to owning a nightclub?

James Moses: Not at all, as I said I use to work in similar environments in London and other places around the world while I was modeling, so having worked in other venues you find little difference between working in one and owning one.

Who was your inspiration to get into the nightclub scene?

James Moses: I don't think there was any one person that inspired me, my experiences in working in previous venues was what inspired me to get into the nightclub scene.

What song gets you out on the d-floor?

James Moses: Booka shade - Charlotte (Mic Newman remix)

Favourite drink to drink whilst at a nightclub?

James Moses: Nothing beats the taste of a good old beer! I would have to say Corona.

Hed Kandi Expierence @ Favela. Fridays for a limited season.
Musik Matters Launch Saturday 25th of July
www. favela.com.au


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