Have You Heard Of 'Glamping?'

Have You Heard Of 'Glamping?'

Have You Heard Of -Glamping?'

Did you know that caravanning is becoming more popular among women – especially women who hitch their caravan to go solo! 81% of Australian women were planning to travel alone according to a survey by TripAdvisor. The RV -singles' club, the Solos' Network run by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia said they've seen a growth of 30% over the past five years. With more women living the RV lifestyle and going it alone, why not make it glam?

-Glamping,' a mix of -glamourous camping' is one of the biggest trends sweeping the RV world at the moment. It's like having a five-star experience right in your caravan, instead of at a fancy hotel.


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Girls of all ages can hire a luxury caravan experience from various outlets, or gain insights into glamming up their own caravans using a do-it-yourself approach.

Girls fit their 'glamper vans" with deluxe beds as big as queen size, luxury linens, upgraded cooking facilities, breakfast nooks, hand-sewn cushions, awnings and banana lounges. The added -glam' might come in the form of air conditioning, heating, modern lighting, power-points, books, board games and other mod-cons often absent from traditional RVs or caravans. It gives girls an authentic camping experience in a -mobile hotel room.'

Retro style -glamping' is a trip away from the ordinary and homage to 50s and 60s heritage RVs, updated with a luxury style. However, you can also hire ready-made glamper vans if you aren't ready to invest in one yourself.

Some glamping hire companies offer retro themed glamper-vans, such as 50s style caravans. Happy Glamper have old school -Airstream' and -Vintage Caravan' glamper vans for hire, named the -Peggy Sue' and -Miss Myrtle' respectively. The 50s and early 60s style pastels feature in many glamper vans. Others embrace the reds, blacks and chequered patterns of greaser or rockabilly culture.

-Glamping' originated in the United States, with female clubs such as -Trailer Chix' starting up around their robust RV and caravan culture. This soon spread Down Under. Australia boasts its own all-female -glamping' club, the Glamper Girls. The Glamper Girls trade tips online, meet up and go on holidays together.

Some -Glamper Girls' fashion their own hand-made jewellery and accessories to trade during meetups or camping holidays together to explore Australia in an exciting and adventurous way.

Glamping is not only fun, but also a way to create a sisterhood of like-minded travellers. Some of the -glamper girls' become friends for life!

Author: Bill Tsouvalas
Bio: Bill Tsouvalas is founder and CEO at Savvy Caravan Loans and has been working in the mortgage and finance for over 9 years. He also writes articles on travel, caravanning, money and finance topics for the Australian market.