A handful of nuts each day help keep cravings at bay

A handful of nuts each day help keep cravings at bay

A handful of nuts each day help keep cravings at bay

It's the classic scenario, the afternoon comes, the computer screen blurs and your thoughts stray to chocolate.

Cravings at work can have you throwing all of your good intentions out the window. But did you know that eating just a handful of nuts each day can help to curb those afternoon hunger cravings?

Tree nuts contain healthy unsaturated fat, which is the 'good fat'. Some of these good fats work to keep you feeling more satisfied and less likely to crave - meaning you won't lash out on the snacks that can pack on the kilos.

Plus the healthy unsaturated fat in nuts actually works to lower cholesterol - and the lower the cholesterol, the better for heart health .

High in fibre and protein, both are satiating nutrients which means they make you feel fuller for longer and help to limit your kilojoule or energy intake to help you lose / maintain your weight, which makes nuts an ideal work snacks .

Just a handful (30 grams) of mixed nuts mid afternoon, Monday to Friday is all you need to feel satisfied. And feeling more full while taking in less kilojoules and becoming more active are sure-fire ways to looking slimmer.

Here's some easy ways of making nuts part of your routine:

  • Pour some nuts into a small Tupperware container and snack on them throughout the day. Make sure it's a small container to hold just a handful of nuts - this way you won't over eat!
  • Keep some yoghurt in the work fridge and sprinkle assorted nuts over for a crunchy treat
  • Many sandwich shops are now making sandwiches which include nuts. Try it for a crunchy take on the normal sanga!
  • Toss some nuts through a tuna salad
  • If you're going to a business lunch, look for menu items which include nuts, you'll be surprised at the innovative ways nuts can be used
  • Share some nuts with your work colleagues for meetings and tea breaks rather than pastries/ biscuits

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