Glamour Girls

Glamour Girls

Glamour Girls

Hey Girl!  Express your Glamorous side!

Check out the Glamour Girls, and get creative!

All eight Glamour Girls love fashion, love to design and are all into different ways of expressing themselves - and you can get youir glamour on with them.
Created by the clever people at Hinkler books, Glamour Girl is a collection of books and activity packs designed to get you designing, sketching, journaling and crafting.

Each Glamour Girl is a chic, playful, super-creative teen who's a fan of fashion, design and fun creations. And, everything they do is intended to encourage you to get creative and express your indivudality and style through play and design.

Already gaining an international folowing, the Glamour Girl range hands creative control to the reader, allowing them to discover and develop their creative flair and their own distince style; an essential part of their sense of individuality and empowerment.

The Glamour Girl range has wide selection of fun, creative activities for girls, with everything from secret journals, sketchbooks and stationery kits to magnetic dress-up dolls and craft kits that contain everything you need to start your own fashion trends.

The range cover a wide array of activites and topics including casual and vacation fashion, party fashion and haute couture, night and day makeup, nail art, friendship bracelets, glitter tattoo and body art, fun tape, hair chalk and more!

From just two books last year, the Glamour Girl line is set to expand with nine new books and activity packs. In June the Glamour Girl designer tote and clutch bags will hit stores, followed by stationery kits, A5 sketchbooks, secret journals, studio gift boxes, two new designer portfolios and magnetic dress-up dolls in July.

And Glamour Girl has also gone digital. The brand new Glamour Girl App lets you explore your creative t-shirt designer skills and share with your friends. Available on the App Store

Unleash your creativity and make your design dreams come true with Glamour Girl!

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