Givenchy's Rouge Vinyl Lipstick

Givenchy's Rouge Vinyl Lipstick

Givenchy's Rouge Vinyl Lipstick

Givenchy has created a lipstick for women in the know, a one-of-a-kind accessory reserved for the well-informed. The ultimate beauty weapon that they apply to their lips. Its name? Rouge Interdit Vinyl.


This deliberately different lipstick boldly dares everything: extreme shine, impactful shades, an obvious plump-up effect.


It is more than a lipstick, it is an attitude. Chic and edgy, trendy and unique, luxurious and resolutely urban, Rouge Interdit Vinyl plays around with conventions and makes no bones about shaking them up.


It provides the signature look for beauty addicts who are not afraid to assert their own rules of style, in complete freedom.


Welcome to clan Givenchy. For women whose bold lips say it all.


Created by François Demachy, olfactory composer, the fragrance of the lipstick is based on a striking tension between light and shade: the fresh clarity of lychee contrasted with the depth of vanilla pods and their almost sombre sensuality.


Delicate strands of caramelised apple in filigree give this sinful lipstick the sweetness of forbidden fruit.


Whether deep yet catchy, intense yet bright, or nude yet impactful, all the 12 shades of Rouge Interdit Vinyl are bold enough to become genuine beauty signatures.


They give a look its distinctive mark.


Noir Révélateur: the most intriguing shade of the Rouge Interdit Vinyl palette: a deep and utterly mysterious black that holds countless surprises.


Pigment alchemy: the formula of this universal lipstick reacts according to the pH of the lips. From black, colour is born. When applied, it takes on a different shade for every woman: mauve or plum, and creates a transparent, captivating, sensual and above all unique bitten-lip effect.


A pure concentration of boldness, this unique enhancer can also be used as a top coat on any other shade of lipstick. The colour instantly becomes darker, denser, and more intense. A summer shade suddenly becomes more wintery, a daytime shade takes on a more sophisticated evening effect... It's a real allure booster.


Givenchy Rouge Vinyl RRP: $47


Available September, 2016 from Sephora stores.

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