Gerry Can Swim & Activewear

Gerry Can Swim & Activewear


Gerry Can Swim & Active is a combination of a passion for timeless accountability and high fashion. With a combination of magazine clippings from the 80's and 90's, as well as referencing our creative backgrounds, we strive to make pieces that will last a lifetime.

With our lives spent at the beach, our swim line was created to provide women with pieces that accentuate their curves, maximise comfort and boost confidence in any way possible. Starting with seamless finishes and swimsuits made of our signature quick dry compression lycra. 
Most recently we developed our latest range of Active wear with new sustainability principals in mind. Advanced Recycled Vita Power is a brand new heavy weight version of our standard Advanced Recycled Vita quality… long story short, plastic from our water bottles are reinvented into spandex materials and then manufactured into some of our best styles.

Our swimwear has been much loved when we had our pop up store in Bondi and has been worn by over 20,000 girl's worldwide last summer. From Brazilian cuts, iconic high cuts and plunging necklines our designs are the epitome of luxury modern swimwear. 

Our super high-waisted leggings originated out of our early studio in the 1980's where our same product developer, designed the best cut and feel for all shapes and sizes. Our best-selling tights allow women to feel super confident when working out, training or on the go. They are squat proof and our Vita Material makes them so necessary in any wardrobe.

We are based in Sydney and spend much of our time, re-inventing cuts and shapes of classic designs to generate the best active and swimwear which resides in our gerrycan brand. We have a team of crochet makers who sit in the studio and create patterned magic for our resort and cover-ups, which takes early sketches to seeing our pieces on sweaty legs and sunburnt buns as we are surrounded by inspiration and passion. We are inspired by our travels, and in emulating our active lifestyle in pieces that can be worn all day long and transform one's confidence in self.


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