Fussy Eater Busters

Fussy Eater Busters

Fussy Eater Busters


When you have allergies or food intolerances, it is very common, in my experience, for people, large or small not to feel particularly excited about food in general. Maybe the taste buds are affected, the fear of what happens when you may eat the wrong thing or just that you feel better when you keep to a restricted diet, avoiding the variety.


As a parent this can be frustrating as we are worried that a child is not getting all the vitamins and minerals they need as they are not eating the wide variety of foods from all the food groups that we are taught they should eat. I remember by fussy eater as a toddler declaring to me 'Mum don't you know I only eat chips and coke." As a school boy he declared to a friend's mother on a play date that he was allergic to all the foods presented and that he could only eat a vegemite sandwich.


In my opinion, you need to work with what you have been given. That being said here a few tips, I found helpful with my fussy eater.


Get Cooking-Once the child is old enough, keep then involved in the food preparation process. They are far more likely to eat what they have helped make.

Healthy Choices Only -Keep food choices in the house to just fresh, healthy choices. If you are going to have some prepackaged snacks, choose only those that have high nutritional value. By limiting choice, believe me, you limit the arguments.

Variety-Give them the same food from morning until night each day if they wish, maybe just put one 'different" item on the plate or in the lunch box. (Best to try at home as it most likely will end up in the bin at school)

Don't stress- Their taste buds are changing all the time so expect that the foods you confidently packed in one week, won't be eaten the next. Go back and discuss with them the options and what they want now.

Don't be afraid-They will not starve to death, be rest assured. Give them a good-quality supplement in a liquid form, crushed; however, you can get it into them. I have resorted to bribery on many occasions.

Good luck, mine has mostly grown out of it at the age of 12. I still limit the choices in the house and generally pack the same thing every other day. This boy is a creature of habit and doesn't respond well to surprises.


-Kylie Hollonds

Kylie Hollonds, is the founder of the What Can I Eat Network, where they specialize in assisting people to discover what food intolerances are causing common afflicitions and partner them foods Fit for the Individual, product referrals and recommendations through the extensive directory. For the last 15 years Kylie has developed, manufactured and distributed various product lines that suit people with a wide range of multiple intolerances. Currently she is importing and distributing GF Uncontaminated Oats in from the USA. During this time, she listened to her customer's confusion around food allergies, intolerances and heard their constant question 'What Can I Eat?" It was then she realised that people were turning to the Internet to solve their problems. So out of the constant calls for help, Whatcanieat.com.au directory was born, a site developed to connect and partner people to products. 2014 has seen the directory celebrate it's 5th birthday, simultaneously relaunched the site to it's unique current platform, introducing the Hair Test 500 Solutions and Gut Healing Program.