Fun Loom

Fun Loom

Fun Loom

The rubber-band bracelets behind the schoolyard craze sweeping across the US and Canada have finally arrived on Australian shores.

Low tech but high on creativity, Fun Loom has kids hooked overseas, and being the first brand of its kind to enter the Australian market, leading Australian Toy Company, Moose Toys, expects it to take off with a vengeance.                                                   

The craze has exploded in international markets with retailers mobbed by both boys and girls, selling hundreds of units each day and struggling to keep up with the frenzy of demand.

These rubber-band bracelets have become so incredibly popular that in fact the product has caused uproar in schools across the US with many banning them, labelling them a distraction.


Each Fun Loom kit contains a 1-foot-long plastic grid of pegs that you string up and down with small rubber bands. They're then weaved together to make intricate, colourful bracelets, necklaces, belts and headbands to wear and trade with friends.

Fun Loom retails from RRP $14.99 and can be found exclusively in the toy aisle at Big W from December.

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