French Kitchen Classic Recipes for Home Cooks

French Kitchen Classic Recipes for Home Cooks

French Kitchen: Classic Recipes for Home Cooks

Serge Dansereau's life has been shaped by food. From his humble beginnings in French Canada, to his present-day ownership of the Bathers' Pavilion, Serge Dansereau's life has been a gastronomic journey and a modern-day culinary fairy tale. But despite all his restaurateur fame, home cooking has always been Serge's passion.

In French Kitchen, Serge combines his love of French technique, quality Australian produce and home cooking. In this beautifully photographed and designed book, you will find 230 classic French recipes for the home kitchen, all carefully developed to make French food accessible to the everyday Australian cook - professional chef training not required!

These delicious recipes bring us the style and flavours of everyday French cooking, offering the chef know-how that helps turn a good dish into a great one and sees Serge share with us the food he cooks at home for his family and friends.

French Kitchen has recipes for every time of day, such as buttery brioche and baked peaches for breakfast, a salmon, potato and cream gratin for lunch, a piece of Basque custard cake for afternoon tea, and chicken confit with mushrooms and bacon for dinner, followed by a slice of chocolate and raspberry tart to finish. There is also a chapter on cooking for kids, which will help you awaken the tastebuds of your little ones.

Serge Dansereau is a multi-award winning chef who is renowned internationally for his professionalism and innovation. This energetic French Canadian trained as a chef in Québec, moved to Australia and went on to reinvent 5-star hotel dining in the 1980s by making Kables restaurant at the Regent Hotel, Sydney, the place to eat.

Serge has been called 'the father of the fresh food movement' because of his passion for using local seasonal produce and his championing of Australian growers. Serge is the head chef and owner of the iconic Bathers' Pavilion Café and Restaurant at Balmoral, New South Wales. He lives in Clontarf, Sydney, with his family.

French Kitchen: Classic Recipes for Home Cooks
ABC Books
Author: Serge Dansereau
ISBN: 9780733326196
Price: $59.99

What a fabulous collection of recipes and ideas for home cooked meals or entertaining. I think I'll start at the front and cook my way through.