FitFlop Summer Range

FitFlop Summer Range

In 2007 Marcia Kilgore, serial entrepreneur and award-winning businesswoman, founded FitFlop, bringing her first biomechanically engineered sandals to thousands of comfort-seeking women around the world. Eleven years on in 2018, FitFlop continues to broaden its range of sandals, sneakers, loafers and skates, alongside its global brand campaign "FOR SUPERWOMEN", featuring Uma Thurman. Believing the empowerment of women can begin with a great foundation, the brand's aim is to give women the strength and confidence to go further. Stylish and strong: #fitflop #forsuperwomen.




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Our skinny adjustable flip-flops, this season in glimmering foil-printed suede, are pretty much perfect. Refined and flattering on your feet, embellished with chic buckles and engineered with our ergonomic supercomfy Microwobbleboard™ midsoles. Every wardrobe needs a couple of pairs (but which colours?).




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Day and evening sandals need to be separate entities. Or do they? The Exotic Lulu™ sandal is challenging this head-on. Crafted with our cushy Microwobbleboard™ sole, but with a metallic lizard-embossed leather thong. An easy style with jeans or trousers. And with your evening dress, we suggest matching it with silver accessories.    @FitFlop



Think about how difficult life would be if you couldn't walk or run?  We all love heels, the long sleek look they give.... but the reality is we can only wear them for a short time if you want to be able to walk the next day.   While the heels take prime position in the shops, the fact is it's the reliable flats that are purchased the most, but they are always so ugly.  Not any more!  Fitflop have gorgeous designs for all the seasons, that keep you comfortable and stylish.  They are non-slip cushions of air that will save your feet time and time again while looking uber stylish. 


And all you slim footed females out there, your time has finally come, no more slipping this summer as they now have a 'skinny' range of FitFlops. Here are a couple of my favourites featured but with so many to choose from, it's going to be a FitFlop Christmas this year.