Fat Tony & Co. Uncut DVD

Fat Tony & Co. Uncut DVD

Fat Tony & Co. Uncut DVD

Cast: Robert Mammone, Hollie Andrew, Steve Bastoni, Nicholas Bishop, Craig Blumeris, John Brumpton, Tawni Bryant, Debra Byrne, Dean Cartmel, Richard Cawthorne, Vince Colosimo, Zoe Cramond, Matthew Crosby, Stephen Curry, Lester Ellis, Nick Farnell, Rowan Francis, Gyton Grantley, Kevin Harrington, Les Hill, Shane Jacobson, Odette Joannidis, Gerard Kennedy, Christine Keogh, Simone Kessell, Jeremy Kewley, Antonio Lancuba, Louise Mandylor, Maria Mercedes, Louisa Mignone, Dan Mor, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Ben Noble, Ryan O'Kane, Vince Poletto, Robert Rabiah, Jake Ryan, Frank Sweet, Samantha Tolj, Alex Tsitsopoulos, Kym Valentine, Brian Vriends, Madeleine West, Simon Westaway, Tom Wren
Directors: Peter Andrikidis, Andrew Prowse, Karl Zwicky
Genre: Crime, Drama
Rated: MA
Running Time: 385 minutes

Fat Tony & Co., the brand-new production from Screentime, tells the story of Australia's most successful drug baron, from the day he quit cooking pizza in favour of cooking drugs, to the heyday of his $140 million dollar drug empire, all the way through to his arrest in an Athens café and his whopping 22-year sentence in Victoria's maximum security prison.

Already a key player on the Australian drug scene in his own right, Fat Tony becomes more deeply embroiled in the underworld as he joins forces with up-andcoming drug dealer Carl Williams. He strikes an uneasy truce with the Carlton Crew, the territorial and dangerous royalty of the Melbourne underworld, even doing business from time to time with the Moran family. With his three brothers and Carl Williams, Tony expands his drug empire into a multi-million dollar industry, all the while investing his profits in honest bricks and mortar, determined to leave a legacy for the family and the city that he loves.

However, the burning tension between Carl and the Carlton Crew is quickly devolving into all-out war – the Melbourne Gangland War that would eventually claim some thirty lives. Tony is losing control of his well-ordered operation, and is finding it harder and harder to remain a neutral businessman. But Tony isn't like other underworld figures - he always has a plan and an eye to the future, even when it seems like the police have closed every door to him.

The ambition and drive that it took for Tony Mokbel to rise from a suburban milkbar owner to Australia's most wanted man was matched only by the sheer determination of the police in their ten-year battle to shut Fat Tony down. The Victorian and Federal police undertook a marathon attempt to bring him to justice, spanning countless arrests, legal battles and the downfall of more than one corrupt officer.

Fat Tony & Co. is the true story of Tony Mokbel; how he grew entangled with the country's most notorious underworld figures, how he built his massive fortune, and how he became a fugitive on a yacht bound for Greece, desperate to escape mounting criminal law battles.

Key Players

Tony Mokbel
Born in Kuwait and raised in Lebanon, Tony emigrated to Australia with his family at age nine. From modest beginnings as a milk bar owner, he spent the 80s and 90s building upon his underworld involvement and is now known as the kingpin of Melbourne's party drug trade. Although he has been convicted of several drug charges and has served jail time, he can't face going back behind bars for an illfated importation of Mexican cocaine, and in March 2006, disappears in the middle of his trial. After hiding out in rural Victoria for several months, Tony is smuggled out of the country on a yacht and taken to Greece, where he plans to forge a new life for himself, partner Danielle and their baby. However, he continues to be doggedly pursued by Australian police who are intent on bringing him back to Australia to face justice.

Danielle McGuire
Danielle McGuire is best known for being a serial underworld girlfriend and drug dealer. Labelled throughout the 1990s as the -pill press queen of Melbourne', for producing thousands of ecstasy and speed tablets, she is also the acknowledged girlfriend of -Carlton Crew' member and fellow drug dealer Mark Moran. Following Mark's violent demise, Danielle takes up with underworld kingpin Tony Mokbel, whom she later accompanies to Greece whilst he is in hiding.

Carl Williams
Carl Williams is a dumb, affable fat boy, who in fact is nowhere near as dumb or affable as he looks. Our story begins shortly after Carl has severed his ties with the Morans after being their long-time gofer and drug mule, and has struck up a profitable friendship with Tony Mokbel. He has the smarts and the guts that it takes to plot his way to the top of the underworld, but his violent temper and long list of enemies could send him spinning out of control.

Roberta Williams
Roberta Williams is every bit as smart and ambitious as her gangster husband Carl, and can at times even match his quick temper and foul mouth. We see Roberta in her gangland heyday, welcoming daughter Dhakota and taking in millions in drug money; but over time a different Roberta emerges - a sombre woman who keenly feels the toll that those high times have taken on her family and friends.

Milad Mokbel
The youngest of the Mokbel brothers and three years Tony's junior, Milad Mokbel is his amphetamine production partner and a handy ball of muscle to have around. When not in one of Tony's labs cooking up a storm, or doing some dispute resolution to protect the family's interests, Milad is likely to be at home with wife Renae and their three young children.

Horty Mokbel
The second Mokbel brother and two years Tony's senior, Horty is a part-time drug dealer and full-time professional gambler. Horty has always had a fractious relationship with Tony and is not one to respond well to being ordered around by his younger, more successful brother. Horty also enjoys a better friendship with Mick Gatto than Tony, as Horty and Mick are long-time gambling partners. At times during business disputes, Horty will also side with Mick rather than with his brothers.

Mark Moran
Mark Moran, drug kingpin and older brother of Jason, is the young blood in the Carlton Crew. Mark has risen to prominence in Melbourne's drug trade with Jason and stepfather Lewis, and has little esteem for rival operator Tony Mokbel. Though he has less of a temper than his brother, there is something more sinister and dangerous about him that puts him at the top of Carl Williams' list of enemies.

Jason Moran
Jason Moran, drug dealer, youngest of the Moran family, is a firecracker with a very short fuse. Indulged all his life, he acts first and repents at leisure. The sworn foe of Carl Williams, and on rocky footing with Tony Mokbel, Jason thinks he can do away with his competitors and run the drug trade with father Lewis - but his enemies are stronger than he thinks.

Lewis Moran
The patriarch of the Moran clan, Lewis is little more than a good-for-nothing crook. Lazy, laid-back and fond of a drink, he seems relatively harmless, but his foul temper and lack of compassion shouldn't be underestimated. He is more likely to be found in the pub with his mates than at home with wife Judy. He shares a close bond with son Jason, though his relationship with stepson Mark is not as strong.

Judy Moran
What drives Judy Moran is a fierce, almost maniacal pride in her family - two sons Mark and Jason and husband Lewis. Hardened and driven slightly mad by years as an underworld wife, Judy sees what she wants to see.

Willie Thompson
Willie's relationship with Tony dates back to the 1970s, when they were classmates at Moreland High School. Since then, they have stayed close friends, working together cooking and selling drugs with mate Carl Williams. However, much to Willie's frustration, Tony deems him small-time, not fit to accompany him into the higher levels of the drug industry. Willie has a friendly relationship with the Morans, although this friendship with Carl's sworn enemies could turn out to be dangerous.

Mick Gatto
Mick Gatto is described by both underworld identities and the police alike as affable, gregarious and dignified. Nor does he need to raise his voice to make himself heard. In his younger days Mick occasionally clashed with the law, but says that's now all behind him. To demonstrate the point he cites his successful career as an arbitration and mediation consultant, and part-owner of a crane hire company.

Graham 'The Munster' Kinnburgh
Kinniburgh is the Carlton Crew's elder statesman. In the 1970s he gained a reputation as Australia's greatest safecracker but now he contents himself with -facilitating' other people's criminal endeavours in return for a cut of the profits. Otherwise he's to be found at home with his wife of 40 years, or at La Porcella restaurant drinking coffee with Mick Gatto and arbitrating the tussles of the younger, more rash members of the underworld.

Alphonse Gangitano
Alphonse is everyone's idea of a glamorous Mafioso - which isn't surprising since he models himself on Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Marlon Brando. Welleducated, smart, good-looking, charming, Gangitano should have made a success of himself in the legitimate world as a lawyer or businessman or even a politician, but he chooses instead to become a standover man running protection rackets around Carlton and the CBD. Not even his best friends know why. But all are aware of the dark, self-destructive streak in his soul.

Detective Sergeant Jim Coghlan
Jim Coghlan is a member of the Victoria Police drug squad, thence the Purana taskforce, and has been on Tony Mokbel's trail for nearly a decade. A man more interested in bank statements than arrest warrants, Jim has the meticulous, industrious mindset needed to follow the maze of criminals' assets and finances, which results in hundreds of millions of Tony's assets being seized as the proceeds of crime. He is also one of the two Australian police who will travel to Greece on a mission to arrest Tony.

Detective Inspector Jim O'Brien
Jim O'Brien is Jim Coghlan's boss, the head of the drug squad and subsequently in charge of the Purana taskforce. Big, brusque and businesslike, Jim is the kind of man you don't want to cross. Leading the dogged pursuit of the Mokbels and their underworld friends over a number of years, Jim's interest in the case is personal, as is his hatred of Tony.

Federal Agent Jarrod Ragg
Agent Jarrod Ragg is the Federal Policeman assigned to Tony Mokbel's case, a case which remains open on his desk for over a decade. Brisk, thorough and unfailingly professional, there is something dangerous about Ragg that does not go unnoticed by the criminals that he deals with. His persistence is a source of fury and frustration for Tony Mokbel.

Fat Tony & Co.
RRP: $49.95

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