William & Mary S1-3

William & Mary S1-3

William & Mary Series 1

Romantic comedy drama about two people's funny, saucy and occasionally moving search for the perfect partner. William Shawcross' (Martin Clunes) search for love is hampered by his work: not many women want to date an undertaker. He decides to take matters into his own hands and registers with a dating agency. Things start to look up when he is captivated by dark haired beauty Mary (Julie Graham) an attractive, divorced mother of two. Working as a midwife, she only meets men who are expectant fathers and married doctors. Once the two get together, there is an obvious chemistry but the course of true love doesn't run smooth.

William & Mary Series 2

In the second series of this successful romantic drama, Mary (Julie Graham) is celebrating her engagement to undertaker William (Martin Clunes), a widower with two teenage daughters, after their passionate and poignant story led to a romantic proposal. They're not the only ones hoping for wedded bliss, as Mary's mother names the day with her toy-boy lover Rick. There's also a surprise pregnancy adding to the familiar mix of laughter and tears, as William and Mary continue to discover that life is never quite what you expect.

William & Mary Series 3

Martin Clunes and Julie Graham reunite in the third and final series of this hit drama-comedy series. William and Mary str now the proud parents of 20 month old Thomas, and their home is the usual chaos of a mixed family life. Follow William and Mary as they adjust to life with a new baby, and deal with the angst of troublesome teenagers. Meanwhile their diverse careers provide a whole new range of poignant and amusing moments in the course of hatching and dispatching.