Euky's the Bear that Cares

Euky's the Bear that Cares

Euky's the Bear that Cares

If there's anything more frustrating than being woken in the middle of the night by coughs, it's trying to make kids do anything they don't want to!

That's why it's great to find a solution that not only helps soothe the sniffles but is heaps of fun to use, too. Natural, Australian-made chest rub Euky Bearub has been helping children breathe easier for over 35 years. With the bright, funny Euky koala character to relate to, kids just love getting a snugly warm rub from Euky Bear… it's no wonder so many parents call it "The Miracle Cream".

"When my son has a cold or sniffles he lifts up his tshirt and tells me, 'More Euky bear Mummy!' ", says one happy mum. "The kids love the koalas and actually try and find excuses to use it even when they don't need it," says another.

And while the kids are pre-occupied with the 'un-bearably cute' Euky, parents can rest assured Euky Bearub's formula is really working to help ease congestion. It's quick acting formula contains pure, natural Eucalyptus Oil - nature's best breathing aid - plus Rosemary oil and Menthol which have aromatic and anti-bacterial benefits.

The gentle base locks in the therapeutic vapours and releases them slowly throughout the night, helping to clear the chest, nose and lungs. Best of all, it's really kind and mild - not harsh or "burn-y"- so it's the perfect rub to use on small children and those with sensitive skin. "It's not as harsh as other rubs so I feel comfortable using it when they have colds," says a parent.

Many parents love the fact the scent is pleasant and not overwhelming - just the gentle warmth of natural eucalyptus to help soothe kids to sleepy dreamland. "Using Euky means that, as a busy mum, I have one less thing to worry about!" So this winter when your family's sneezy, try Euky Bearub and breathe easy.

Available at pharmacies, RRP $8.95 for 50g.
Visit or phone 1800 655

Here's what more happyparents had to say
Her coughing wakes me through the night
Her nose is blocked, her chest is tight
She cries for me, her big eyes water
I sit and cradle my little daughter.
With confidence, I do what's best.
I rub Euky Bearub apon her chest.
Thankyou. From a grateful Dad.

"Euky Bear products have been a family favourite of my mum's, and now as a mum myself, a favourite of mine. Rubbed onto my children's pillow and onto the chest makes breathing easier and a better night's sleep for all. Happy sleeping kids = happy mum!"

"Euky is a comforting soul, magical when a cold takes hold; an expert at sleep, with natural medicine that's cheap. With this smart bear, winter we no longer despair!"

"I love Euky because it's in a tube. I hate those pots that yukky fingers have been dipped into again and again."

"No more restless nights, with Euky Bearub everyone's mornings will be bright. It smells nicer than that "other" well known brand, plus it's great to have on hand!"

"It's the best friend a Mother could have… A miracle in a tube!"

"The children love the picture on the front, so there is no yells and screams when rubbing them with 'Euky'. They think it's special."

"When I'm feeling sick you make me feel better. My mum loves you too because I stop crying and gently go to sleep. My dad loves you because he can spend more time alone with my mum. I wonder what they do?"