Employee Job Perks

Employees are feeling a distinct lack of love from their bosses with 50% of Aussies saying their employers do not reward them with perks for a job well done according to a survey by Talent2, Australia’s leading human resources and recruitment firm.

Those working in the Government (19%) and Legal (28.6%) sectors are the most unlikely to receive a thank-you present from their boss, while those in the Property (55.6%) and Finance (52.6%) arenas are the most likely to receive more than a pat on the back for working well, according to the 1,723 respondents.

Mr Matthew Bristow of Talent2 says that although money is obviously a major factor in attracting and retaining staff, many Aussies need to receive more than just an obligatory, “well done” to remain motivated.

"Doling out laptops, bottles of wine and mobile phones appear to be the most common way to reward staff at the moment, with the reward of offering shares and options in the company an increasing trend."

Some of the more unusual rewards uncovered in the survey include:
Housekeeping for a weekend
Paid aeroplane tickets to see ill parents
A set of crystal glasses
Gym membership
Lifetime QANTAS Club membership
Tickets to the footy
A set of golf clubs
A frozen turkey