Elite Caravans Free Camping Trend

Elite Caravans Free Camping Trend

Renowned for creating some of the most luxurious and bespoke caravans in the market, Elite Caravans has built a reputation as Australia's go-to for innovative and technologically advanced caravans.

Always ahead of the curve, Elite is home to the Murray Series 2 - the first caravan in Australia to feature an in-built Cummins Onan 3600w generator.

Setting the standard for RV Generators, the Cummins Onan lowers noise and vibration levels for luxury RVs. Weighing in at 83.4kg, the generator is petrol fueled with a micro processor control – providing 240v power and allowing the van to travel for up to three weeks without connecting to a power source.

Dedicated to always being at the forefront of technology within the industry, Elite have also announced the inclusion of the ATX Cruisemaster Airbag Suspension in the Goulburn Armageddon. The only Australian caravan to feature this technology, allowing for longer travel periods to really get off the grid!

With airbag suspension, a ride height of 215mm and weight of 2800kg, this off-road independent suspension system performs best in the roughest and most rugged terrains – ideal for travelers looking to -free camp' and get off the beaten track!

-Free camping' - camping without needing access to a power source, has become an increasingly popular choice for travelers, many choosing this over traditional holiday houses or caravan parks.

As reported by the 2015 Caravan and Campervan Data Report, there has been a 5% national increase in caravan sales, with over 528,210 registered vans Australia wide.

Adrian Cappola, Managing Director of Elite Caravans, has seen this spike in interest in family vans, something he believes reflects the growing trend in free camping within Australia.

'We have seen a big shift in what our customers want in a van - now it's all about getting off the grid and being able to travel for as long as you can autonomously. Free camping allows people to really immersethemselves in their holiday, without the constant need to check in at a Caravan Park."

'Both the Murray Series 2 and the Goulburn Armageddon are Australian firsts, and we are really excited to be bringing this technology to the Australian public!"

Winner of Caravan Manufacturer of the Year in 2013 and 2015, Elite has an in-depth understanding of the needs of Australian Caravaners. Combining meticulous design with high quality manufacturing and worldfirst technologies, Elite Caravans are built to withstand the Aussie landscape while still remaining innovative and stylish.

Visit www.elitecaravans.com.au for further information.