DrinkWise this Festive Season

DrinkWise this Festive Season

DrinkWise this Festive Season

DrinkWise Australia experts are encouraging parents to drink smart and responsibly this festive season and think about how their actions are influencing their children's future attitudes to alcohol.

DrinkWise Expert Panel member and family and child psychologist, Dr. John Irvine said "Christmas is the perfect time to teach children valuable lessons about moderate and responsible drinking. Alcohol is often a feature at Christmas functions, but it's important for parents to continue to be positive roles models for their children by drinking in moderation."

Dr.John Irvine also said "research suggests that parents underestimate the influence they have on their own children, in terms of drinking behaviours, yet studies show that parents are the most important influence in this area, especially in the home where 40% of drinking occurs."

Dr. Irvine offered the following advice to parents ahead of the Christmas season:
  • Set an example: Kids learn how to drink by modeling their behaviour on the adults they are close to.
  • Think about others: Children learn how to drink by observing other adults too, such as other family members and their parents' close friends, so make sure you are also aware of the drinking behaviours of others around you.
  • Keep hydrated: Drinking water when you are consuming alcohol is a great way to reduce your total alcohol consumption.
  • Have a no-alcohol night: Try having a family get-together that doesn't involve drinking to help show children that you don't need alcohol at every festive occasion.
  • Limit yourself and keep track: Set your own limits for drinking in moderation around your kids and stick to them.
  • Talk it down: Think about how you speak about alcohol in front of your kids. Don't advocate or galmorise drinking as children will absorb these messages.
  • Don't get intoxicated: If you are drinking to the point of intoxication your kids will learn that this is acceptable and normal behaviour.

    DrinkWise CEO, Chris Watters said "Children form their attitudes towards alcohol a long time before they've had their first drink, by observing how their parents and other adults around them drink."

    DrinkWise's current campaign, Kids Absorb Your Drinking, is based on evidence that shows a strong correlation between the way parents drink and how their children will grow up to drink. The campaign aims to empower parents to positively influence their children's future drinking behaviour, so that the next generation will believe drinking to get drunk is socially unacceptable.

    For more advice and tips to parents on how to set a positive example when it comes to drinking please vist: www.drinkwise.com.au

    DrinkWise Australia is an evidence based organisation focused on promoting change towards a more responsible drinking culture in Australia. DrinkWise aims to contribute to the development of a drinking culture in Australia that reduces alcohol related harm and thereby maximises the benefits from moderate alcohol consumption.

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