Make bathtime funtime with Drieyes

Make bathtime funtime with Drieyes
Every now and then a new product comes along and changes your life. Drieyes™ will be one of those products for many Australian families. If your kids love the bath but hate the hair washing part, Drieyes™ is the answer! It keeps the water and suds off your child's face. No more tears, delay tactics or tantrums!

Drieyes™ will not only make kids happier in the bath, it will reduce mums and dad's stress levels too.

Drieyes™ was invented by an Aussie dad who was sick of the hair-washing drama. He knew there had to be a better way. Drieyes™ has been made with both kids and parents in mind.

The super-cool, almost alien looking design attracts kids instantly. It works with the child holding the 'eyes' and pushing the silicone rim to their foreheads. Because the kids have to hold the device, they are focused on this 'job' and tend not to squiggle around so much. This leaves two hands free for mum or dad to get to work on their hair. The result is squeaky clean hair in no time and a more relaxed bath experience for all.

"Hair washing was always a drama in my house," says inventor, Rod Cassar, "and I detested that this part of the day was supposed to relax our kids. Instead it would constantly end up in tears and a lot of frustration for all of us. That problem has now gone."

Drieyes™ is also great for washing out headlice treatments which can really sting a child's eyes. Some kids also like to use it in the shower to simply keep the water off their faces.

Review: A simple invention that will save children from getting soap in their eyes and take the hassle out of bathtime.

Drieyes™ is so great the only difficult decision will be choosing a colour from the fabulously bright range; blue, green, orange, pink or yellow. The Australian made Drieyes™ is currently available online from for $24.97 plus P&H.


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