Drew Green INDOCHINO Interview

Drew Green INDOCHINO Interview

Create Your Man a Custom Made Outfit

Review: Initially I was nervous about an online custom-made suit service as I have zero seamstress skills; surprisingly my partner and I created the perfect-fitting custom made-to-measure INDOCHINO shirt without knowing the first thing about fashion or clothing measurements!

Our INDOCHINO shirt was a true success and I believe this is due to the INDOCHINO video which provided an easy to understand, step-by-step guide on how to measure my man with a tape measure (INDOCHINO will send you a tape measure, if you don't have one).

Choosing which of the shirts from the great variety was the only challenge, however once selected we were able to customise the shirt to be perfectly suited to his personality. You can select from a range of different collar, cuff and trim varieties. Plus if you want to get fancy you can even add monogram!

The shirt arrived at our door, within two weeks and was a great fit with no tweaks required. When I asked what my partner thought he replied "perfect fitting shirt made from soft and comfortable material, I love it" – that's an impressive review from a man of few words…

Interview with Drew Green

Question: What is INDOCHINO?

Drew Green: INDOCHINO is a new way to shop. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, we've taken bespoke tailoring, a world that has changed little in hundreds of years, and reimagined it for today's generation. We've streamlined the experience and brought it online, meaning anyone can get great fitting, personalised clothing delivered in just two weeks for a price comparable to ready to wear alternatives.

Question: Can you talk us through the INDOCHINO process?

Drew Green: Customers take on the role of designer, picking out every detail of their suits, shirts, chinos and blazers to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

The process is fast and easy. Create a login, grab a measuring tape (and someone to help measure) and follow the demo videos to create a profile. Once this is complete, the fun really begins. Pick your suit, vest, chino or shirt fabric and choose from all kinds of complimentary customisation options " like buttons, pockets, lapels, linings and monograms " to personalise your garment.

Once you've ordered, these garments are made to your precise measurements and shipped directly to your front door, hassle free, in around two weeks.

INDOCHINO is committed to getting you the perfect fit, so if your garments require fit adjustments, INDOCHINO will reimburse you up to specified amount for local tailoring. We'll help you update your measurement profile so your next outfit will be spot on.

Question: What inspired you to create INDOCHINO?

Drew Green: INDOCHINO was founded by two entrepreneurial students at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. They came up with the idea when one of them was struggling to find a well fitting suit that he could afford. Made to measure just didn't exist for his budget. Together, they thought there must be a better way and founded INDOCHINO.

One of the first things I did when I took over as CEO in 2015 was to build a partnership with Dayang, the world's largest suit manufacturer in China. Through Dayang, we consolidated into one factory, upgraded our patterns, reduced delivery times from 4-6 weeks to just 2, and made the business more efficient to run; savings that we pass on to the consumer in the form of exceptional prices.

Fast forward to today. We have a thriving ecommerce business, 45 brick-and-mortar showrooms in the US and Canada, and are excited to have launched our online platform in Australia.

Question: What are the tricks in creating a perfectly fitted suit or shirt?

Drew Green: Follow the video instructions " and if you have any questions, our Customer Experience agents are on hand to help!

Question: Which suit and shirt combo is your favourite on the INDOCHINO website, currently?

Drew Green: I like a classic pattern in my suiting so this Check Blue Suit is a favourite and goes perfectly with the Halewood Blue Shirt.

Interview with Dean Handspiker

Question: What suit colours and styles will we see around this year?

Dean Handspiker: The bolder cobalt blues are still popular this season but indigo blues and pale greys are feeing fresh and new. The chalk-stripe double breasted suit is back but updated with a softer shoulder. Windowpanes continue to be a popular option and range from subtle to bold contrasting colours on classic navy.

Consider adding a vest to wear with your suit, a contrasting suit or your jeans.

Suiting details are also important - functioning sleeve buttons and pick stitching are marks of a better made suit and are increasingly available across a wider range of price points.

Question: If we're only going to buy one suit, this year, which should it be?

Dean Handspiker: Go classic with a two-button notch lapel suit in a mid-weight 100% wool fabric. It's an all-season staple that has stood the test of time and appropriate for the widest range of events. Opt for midnight-blue and it can be worn to an important meeting with a striped shirt or a more formal event with a crisp white shirt and muted tie. Strictly speaking, a suit jacket is meant to be worn with the matching pants but in a pinch it can be paired with jeans and a fine-gauge knit to impress on date night.

Question: How can we freshen up a suit, we already have?

Dean Handspiker: Update your fit. Suits have become trimmer, tighter to the shoulder, higher at the armhole and shaped at the waist. Pants should be tapered, breaking at the top of the shoe without any excess pant leg bunching up. Once your fit has been dialled in you can add freshness with a check shirt and bold pocket square. Greens and oranges will pop classic navy but monochrome grey on grey is a modern take on the other wardrobe staple.

Question: How can we match a suit to a personality?

Dean Handspiker: Men's suiting continues to evolve with an ever greater range of colours, patterns, styles and detailing available. Risk-takers are well served by the growing range of accessibly-priced custom suit options available while conservative types can find great value in a classic option that will serve them well for many years. Important that you match your suit to your body type. Tall lean guys look best in a double-breasted suit with peak lapels, shorter stockier guys will benefit from a two-button silhouette and notch lapels that lengthens. Muscular guys should opt for unstructured suits with less shoulder padding.

Interview and Review by Brooke Hunter