Dr Bruce Syme's Vet's All Natural Premium Dog and Cat Meat Rolls

Dr Bruce Syme's Vet's All Natural Premium Dog and Cat Meat Rolls

Dr Bruce Syme's Vet's All Natural Premium Dog and Cat Meat Rolls

For many Australian families, cats and dogs are more than simply a pet; they are a much loved member of the family. However, over recent years an alarming number of pets are literally being loved to death though inadequate nutrition and the over consumption of processed dog and cat foods.

Dr Bruce Syme, a veterinary surgeon of 20 years, recognised leader in pet nutrition within the Australian veterinary community, and founder of Vet's All Natural pet food is on a mission to improve the health and lifespan of Australia's dogs and cats.

Every day, vets like Dr Syme are treating people's beloved animals for ailments such as skin allergies, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancers and diabetes - conditions which are often linked to poor nutrition.

It is well recognised that for humans, the foods we consume are integral to our health, wellbeing and longevity. It's no different for our dogs and cats. We wouldn't compromise our children's health with the food they eat, so why do we compromise with our loved pets?

Dr Syme believes that heavy promotion by large multinational commercial pet food companies have influenced Australian vets, and moved dog and cat owners away from natural meat diets.

"International research and experience in my clinic has shown me that dogs and cats eating a fresh meat diet, naturally balanced with vegetable matter, like a dingo or cat would eat in the wild, increases the health and lifespan of dogs and cats - it just makes sense," Dr Syme says.

Much of the cat and dog food available is highly cooked, over processed and often has added preservatives, colourings and unnatural sources of protein, which are not a normal part of the animals natural diet.

To achieve Dr Syme's goal of improving the health and lifespan of dogs and cats, he has developed a new range of premium dog and cat meat rolls - with the cat rolls being the first fresh roll available for cats.

The Vets All Natural by Dr Bruce Syme rolls are made from the correct balance of premium quality fresh meat, organs and vegetables. Using lean meats such as kangaroo, the rolls are high in meat protein, rich in the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as being gluten and preservative free.

"Canines and felines have been eating fresh prey meat and vegetable matter in the wild for millions of years. Feeding animals a fresh naturally balanced diet with the nutrients their bodies need, free from unnatural additives and over processing is the best way to keep them happy and healthy," says Dr Syme.

Review: "Ensuring your pet is thriving and full of energy is easy when feeding them the Vet All Natural Premium Dog and Cat range of foods. Completely balanced with the best fresh nutrients Dr Bruce Syme's Vet All Natural Premium Dog and Cat food is healthy and of high quality which means it is enjoy by all pets. Our pets enjoyed the Vet All Natural Premium range, yours will too! "

Dr Bruce Syme's Vet's All Natural Premium Dog and Cat Meat Rolls are available in Victorian Woolworths stores and national leading pet stores. Prices range from $5.89 for 800g rolls through to $9.82 for 1.2kg rolls.


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