Create great meals with Continental

Create great meals with Continental

Ever wondered what goes into Continental Cooking Sachets?


We went behind the scenes with Head Chef Julianne Lever and discovered that tastes, flavours and the way continental produce their sachets has changed!

It's all about Fresh!

Fresh ingredients, quickly process from local farmers means no hidden nasties are needed.

For example Tomato Paste - tomatoes are picked in Echuca sent to the factory 20 minutes after harvest.  Within 6 hours, these tomatoes are turned into a tomato concentrate, to get the best flavour out and freshest taste.

Not only did Julianne demonstrate the raw ingredients, and how to use Continental Sachets to create great meals, she also put us to the test to see if we could replicate these dishes.

Japanese Gyoza
Mexican Rice
Mexican Slaw
Mexican Tortilla Stack
San Choy Bow
South American Beef Ribs with Chimichurri

Recipes included below for you to try:




























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