Clear Your Office

Clear Your Office

Clear Your Office

Clear Your Office is a practical guide for anyone wanting to clear their work space of negative energies. It's a go-to-guide for anyone wanting to clear their office and maintain a peaceful environment at work.

With insights into how you can achieve a happy and energetic workspace, useful tips and techniques about how to transform the energy in a space and guidance on how to prepare your business for sale, this is a key book for every office.

Author Jade-Sky guides you through the process identifying when to clear a space, different types of energy and the tools you can use – including a space clearing, smudging, crystals, feng shui and positive intentions. Real-life case studies provide practical examples of how clearing your office can have a productive impact on your staff, workspace and business.

Jade-Sky is a psychic medium, a 'direct channeler". She was born with a special gift of being able to connect clairvoyantly with the energies of deceased loved ones. Over the past 22 years, Jade-Sky has fine-tuned her natural skills in the areas of psychometry, mediumship/channeling and uncovering past lives. Jade- Sky has read professionally for clients all around the world. As well as conducting private readings, retreats and workshops, Jade-Sky has spoken and appeared live on stage at the nationwide Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals and featured on BIO5, 2GB and NOVA radio stations. Jade has also appeared on Sunrise on the Seven Network.

Clear Your Office
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Author: Jade-Sky
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Interview with Jade Sky

Question: Why did you write Clear Your Office?

Jade Sky: I wrote Clear Your Office after many years of doing readings for my clients who have come to me for advice and have not realised that there is negative or stagnant energy around them and their work and home environments. To help these people move forwards in their lives I teach them how to look after themselves and their environment so that they can feel happy, focused and reenergised.

I have found that there are so many people out there that are not aware how important it is to clear the energy in your own environment, in writing this book I hope it gives people the information that they need to be able to clear their own space, create positive energy and enjoy their lives.

Question: Can you explain the concept of 'transforming energy" in regards to our office?

Jade Sky: To transform the energy in your office means to uplift the energy by removing any old, stagnant or negative energy that may have been there. Energy in work environments can become blocked or stagnant and this can happen even if a stressful event hasn't occurred.

Just as we should clean our homes to get rid of any dust, dirt or rubbish we must also clean and clear the energy and space around the office or work environment. Even though you can't see the stagnant energy you will be able to feel it. This stagnant energy can feel like a heavy energy which makes you feel tired, depressed or unmotivated.

Each room can hold pockets of stagnant energy which need to be cleared so that the positive new energy can come in. Often you may not notice at first that your office or work place feels stagnant because you are always there you become used to the energy, it isn't until you visit someone else's work place or go on a holiday and stay somewhere else that you realize how different the energy is.

How often have you gone on a holiday and thought, wow this hotel or this place feels so amazing? You then return back to work and feel like you are walking back into a heavy energy. This is a big indicator that it is time to space clear your work space.

Question: Are you able to share with us a technique to clear negative energy?

Jade Sky: A quick and easy way for you to clear out any negative energy in your office, to create positive energy and to relax everyone's mind and body is to use incense. There are many different types of incense available to purchase, find one that you and your work colleagues like and that makes you feel good or you may like to choose one of the following incense for the energy that they bring to your office or work place:

Bamboo: Luck and Protection
Cedar: Purification, Protection and Release
Champa: Harmony, Clearing and Protection
Desert Sage: Purification, Wisdom and Protection
Eucalyptus Leaf: Healing and Protection
Frankincense: Purification and Spiritual Growth
Jasmine Flowers: Relaxation
Lavender: Clear and Cleanse
Lilac: Peace, Harmony and Protection
Nag Champa: Cleanse and Clear
Rose Petals: Love, Success and Protection
Sage: Protection and Clearing
Sweet Grass: Purification and Clearing

Once you have your incense it is important that you light your incense to create smoke. Fan the smoke from the incense with your hand and think of your intent, or state it out loud, and ask for all negativity to be removed.

Make sure that you fan the smoke into all corners of every room in the work place, even behind doors (be careful near smoke detectors though). After you have been through your work place with your incense try to open the windows up to let out any stagnant or negative energy if you can. You will instantly notice the difference of how great your work place feels.

It is important that once you have lifted the energy in your work place you maintain the new energy by regularly using the incense or positive intentions so that you keep your work place and everyone in it feeling positive.

Question: How will clearing negative energy in the office ensure we have a better work life?

Jade Sky: By clearing the negative energy in your office you will be able to balance the energy in each room of your office this will then help to promote good health, happiness and abundance for everyone who works there. It will also help the staff feel reenergised which then leads to better productivity, a higher work rate, less sick days and less staff turnover which then equates to a better work life.

Another important thing is when you clear out negative energy from an office or work place it creates positive energy which then feels great to anyone who enters that work place ie customers, visitors, friends, clients etc.

Question: What is the basic principle surrounding desk placement?

Jade Sky: The placement of your desk is one of the most important Feng Shui adjustments you can make. Desk placement is very important for Feng Shui because the placement of your desk is vital to your business and financial success.

If possible try to put your desk facing the front door of your office in the power position. The power position is important because it means that you can see as much of the room as possible. You will also be able to see the front door to see who is entering and exiting while you are sitting at your desk.

Not everyone has the opportunity to have their own office space where they can choose where to put their desk. If you work in an office with multiple desks or desks that face each other try to do your best to create your own personal space. If possible try not to sit face to face or back to back with your co-workers, try to sit side by side or stagger the desks for privacy.

Even if you can't change much around your office you can put things into place in your own personal work area or desk that will help you to space clear your cubicle, desk or personal work space. The most important thing to do is to organise your desk in a way that best suits you and your work place, try to keep at least half of the desk clutter free at all times.

Interview by Brooke Hunter