Claire Hall Confidence Boosting Tips Interview

Claire Hall Confidence Boosting Tips Interview

Confidence Coach Claire Hall's Top Tips for Boosting Confidence

Confidence Coach Claire Hall is encouraging Aussies to take some small steps to boost their confidence this summer as we head into the party season. In her experience with clients, this can seriously change a person's internal and external experience in life, and Claire has some great tips to help your viewers build confidence – including focusing on their pearly whites.

Keep a compliments journal. Keeping a record of the positive things and kind words people say about you will help give you a more realistic view of yourself. Make sure you reflect on it especially if you are having a bad day – it will give you an overall boost to your confidence when you need it most

Take the 10 day smile challenge. Smiling releases neuropeptides that makes you feel good! However, new research from Philips Zoom shows that more than half of Aussie women (54%) admit to feeling self-conscious of their smile and as a result, 41% of all Australian women prefer not to show their teeth when smiling for photos. Showing your natural smile can have positive impacts from the inside by building your confidence and self-esteem. Time to focus on your pearly whites! An in-chair treatment like Philips Zoom is quick and can be done at your local dental clinic.

Celebrate your wins, big or small. It's always easier to be critical on yourself, so it's important to take the time to retrain your brain to celebrate your wins, whether that's at work or in your personal life. When you focus on what's going well you are building your confidence without even knowing it

Maintain your personal best. Whether this is eating consciously or buying that outfit that looks flattering for your body type, if you're comfortable with yourself this will show and will ultimately make you feel more confident! Invest in the things that make you feel good and this will help you radiate confidence

Learn to trust yourself and your ability to make sound decisions. Self-belief is really important and has a big impact on your overall levels of confidence. Learn to be patient with yourself, as you may not always make the right decision but don't beat yourself up when things don't go as planned. Give yourself a ten day judgement detox to set yourself on the path to self-belief and confidence

Interview with Claire Hall, Confidence Coach

Question: What does confidence look like?

Claire Hall: Confidence starts as a state of mind. We have to think confident thoughts to create the emotions of confidence. When we feel confident on the inside we start to look confident on the outside, meaning we walk with a straight back, head held high and with a smile on our face. We choose clothes that make us feel good, knowing what suits our body and accentuates our good points. We speak with confidence by presenting our ideas but also by holding our personal boundaries in place, this means confidently saying no when things don't serve us.

Question: How can we appear more confident?

Claire Hall: Appearance can play a big role in how confident we appear, not necessarily in a superficial way but rather how we present ourselves to the world can encourage a greater sense of confidence. For example, wearing our favourite heels to an important meeting can make us stand tall and fill us with a sense of power.

It's also important to get rid of things that strip our confidence and replace them with something life affirming. This includes replacing old negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Once we start thinking more confidently we will appear more confident because we won't be putting up with things that no longer benefit us.

Question: What is one small change we can make daily to become more confident?

Claire Hall: Start the morning by spending five minutes with a tea, coffee or juice and create a small list of achievable goals for the day. Once we can tick them off, no matter what else happened in the day we will have a sense that something was achieved and we are moving forward. This builds our confidence.

Question: How does a brighter smile make us appear more confident?

Claire Hall: When we smile we release 'feel good' hormones into our body. We literally feel good. And when we repeatedly feel good this creates a positive experience which overtime can hardwire our brain into more positive patterns rather than it's natural tendency to be negative. Not only does smiling make us feel good more often, it relaxes our body and lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. In fact, new research from Philips Zoom shows Australian women admit to feeling happier (56%), more social and approachable (38%) and more confident (31%) when smiling.

Investing in a confident, healthy smile with Philips Zoom professional teeth whitening, which is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes, can help eradicate self-consciousness around smiling, freeing us to enjoy the moment and the many healthy and social benefits of smiling.

Question: Do you have a morning routine; can you share it with us?

Claire Hall: My morning routine has evolved over the years and is still evolving! Life is constantly changing and being adaptable is key to finding happiness. On an average day my alarm rings between 530am - 6am. I boil the kettle, make my favourite 'calm' tea and sit in quiet meditation with my dog on my lap for about 5-15 minutes. She loves this time of day.

I have learned exercise must happen before the family get up so I'm either off to my yoga studio, going for a run or walking my dog before 7am. The most important part of my morning is hugging. Everyone gets a big hug as they get up. It reconnects us as a family and sets us up for a fresh day. By breakfast I review my to-do list for the day it so I know what needs my attention first.

Question: What is a compliments journal and what benefits does it have?

Claire Hall: A compliments journal is a little notebook which is kept close at hand to remind ourselves of all the good things that have been said about us. Every time we receive a compliment, instead of brushing it away we record it. It doesn't just have to be a compliment, we can record any kind words people say to or about us, or any wins we have gained through the day. It's like gathering all the positive social media comments in one location. Our brains are often programmed to seek out the negative more than positive which impacts our self-confidence and can lead us away from taking risks, challenges or setting goals. Whenever we feel the need for a little boost to our confidence, we read the journal to remind ourselves of all our good.

Interview by Brooke Hunter