Christian Andrew Youfoodz Interview and Recipes

Christian Andrew Youfoodz Interview and Recipes

Christian Andrew Youfoodz Interview and Recipes

Beating the bulge can be tough in winter when we tend to crave high fat comfort food. Boost your health on the inside and out with these healthy and delicious winter fat stripper recipes from Christian Andrew, superfoods expert and Youfoodz Head Chef, Australia's first start - up delivering fresh meals straight to your door. These simple everyday meals are loaded with nutrient-rich superfoods to give you the nutritional tools to breeze through winter and bounce straight into spring.

Baked Blueberry Pancakes


Pancake mix:
4 x Eggs
1 x cup Almond meal
Half cup Gluten free flour
100 grams Protein powder
Lemon zest of 2 lemons
1.5 cups Natural yoghurt
Quarter cup White sugar
1 x teaspoon Bi carb soda
1 cup Blueberries

Ricotta and honey mix:
Ricotta cheese

Lightly beat eggs with sugar till combined well.
Add almond meal, gluten free flour, protein powder and bi carb soda and mix well.
Add yoghurt, blueberries and lemon zest, combine all ingredients and cook in medium hot non - stick fry pan till risen and golden.
Combine ricotta and honey and spoon over cooked pancakes with additional berries and honey.

Interview with Christian Andrew

Question: Can you tell us about Youfoodz and how the food arrives?

Christian Andrew: Youfoodz is simply everyday meals you enjoy, made healthy and delicious. We have a huge appetite for all things healthy and are driven to provide our members with the very best in nutrition. We embody the motto -healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life' - so forget dieting or low-calorie meal plans, Youfoodz instead encourages a holistic healthy lifestyle. Our creations arrive fresh and ready to eat at your home or workplace in our refrigerated temperature controlled vans. On a side note, Youfoodz will be launching some -game changers' VERY soon, so #WatchThisSpace.

Question: What inspires you when creating food for Youfoodz?

Christian Andrew: Fresh, clean, convenient, passion. My love for the industry, its people and the ability to alter people's perceptions regarding simple, effective and delicious meals. I love being challenged to turn not so healthy dishes into healthy, hearty and wholesome food that even Nonna wouldn't notice the difference in!

Question: What do you ensure Youfoodz always contains?

Christian Andrew: Real ingredients, great consistency, super fresh locally sourced ingredients and proteins prepared simply and effectively with love by great people.

Question: What boxes do you want Youfoodz to tick (protein/taste ect)?

Christian Andrew: We aim to produce high protein, moderate carb and low fat meals. We want you to think you're eating something naughty when in fact we've given you something that even your PT would be proud of. We're all about fresh, flavoursome goodness!

Question: Which of the Youfoodz recipes holds the most memories for you?

Christian Andrew: The Sticky date goodness brings back fond memories from my very first step into a professional kitchen which was a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience.

Question: How does Youfoodz help maintain our weight during winter?

Christian Andrew: Youfoodz is all about convenience, and having ready to eat fresh meals in your fridge leaves no guessing. Regular eating is key all year round as it speeds up your metabolism and in turn burns excess fat. The Youfoodz menu is so varied that almost anyone can come on board and start eating healthy from Day 1. It's all about eating the right meals at the right time of day. A simple rule to remember is to try and reduce your carb intake from 4pm each day - this means lighter meals for dinner and more indulgent ones during the day when you're most active.

Question: Which superfoods we should be adding to our daily diets?

Christian Andrew: Berries of all colours (blueberries & raspberries), fresh greens (kale, baby spinach), sweet potatoes (Low GI), and good dark chocolate (70%).

Question: What are your top five fat-fighting foods?

Christian Andrew: Homemade fish & chips (A great source of protein and low GI carb source), Greek lamb salad (An awesome source of iron) and Butternut pumpkin & chicken salad. Some great snacks would include Sweet potato wedges (dust these with cinnamon powder for added flavour) and if you're feeling peckish, natural almonds.

Question: Can you name a couple of mood-boosting foods to beat the winter blues?

Christian Andrew: Warm pumpkin soup to start, followed by succulent Roast chicken & veg for your main and Sticky date goodness to finish.

Question: What ingredients should we be adding to our protein balls?

Christian Andrew: The trick is to keep it simple! We love dark chocolate nibs (antioxidants), natural peanut butter (a great natural fat) and goji berries (superfood) in ours.

Chia Seed Chicken and Smashed Veg

Chia Seed Chicken
Chicken scaloppini
Slivered almonds
White quinoa
Sunflower seeds
Chia seeds
Semi dried tomato pesto

Smashed vegetables: Boiled and mashed sweet potatoes
Semidried tomato strips and oil

To make semi dried tomato pesto, blend semi dried tomatoes and oil till smooth.
Coat prepared thin sliced chicken breast with semidried tomato pesto.
Seal in a medium hot non-stick pan and sprinkle with super seed mix and bake in 180 degree oven for 12 - 15 minutes.
Boil peeled sweet potatoes and mash.
Lightly cook broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans and corn and combine gently with mashed sweet potato, semi dried tomato strips and tomato oil.

Super Food Winter Salad and Barramundi

Cooked broccoli
Toasted slivered almonds
Grated carrot
Raw, peeled fine sliced beetroot
Spinach leaves
Rocket leaves
Roasted capsicum strips, NO skin
Shaved fennel
Roasted sweet potato

Barramundi fillet NO skin
Lemon zest and juice

Combine all salad ingredients and mix well.
Seal barramundi fillet in a hot non-stick pan, finish with lemon juice and zest and bake in 180 degree oven for 12 - 15 minutes until cooked and flaky.
Once the barramundi has cooled slightly flake it over the top of the mixed salad.
Add your favourite dressing and enjoy.

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Interview by Brooke Hunter