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China Modern

China Modern

Chinese food has come a long way from the traditional favourites that most of us order from our local takeaway shop, to the delectable dishes on offer in some of the world's most acclaimed restaurants. China Modern is Chinese food at its best. This selection of over 100 simple, healthy and delicious recipes is perfect for cooking up a storm of delectable dishes.

Drawing on inspiriting from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, traditional Chinese, as well as her own experience, Ching-He Huang (also described as 'China's Nigella') shows how easy it is to create a range of fusion-style recipes from the 21st century palate including:
Chinese-style Seafood Risotto
Taiwanese-style Chicken Caesar Salad
Miso Beef Saucy Stir Fry
Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream
Chocolate Sesame Balls
Mango Pudding, and lots more.

Blending East with West Ching's recipes are designed for the health-conscious as her techniques incorporate steaming, pan-frying, boiling, grilling and baking, rather than deep-frying.

China Modern is a culinary journey through traditional favourites with a refreshing contemporary twist.

Ching-He Huang is the new face of Chinese cooking on British TV and the star of BBC2's popular series Chinese Food Made Easy. Born in Taiwan and brought up in South Africa, she moved to Britain when she was 11. Ching has always been passionate about food, so after graduating with a first class degree in economics, she set up Fuge, a fresh salad company, and her healthy drinks company, Tzu. Ching is also the author of two other cookbooks, the bestselling Chinese Food Made Easy and Chinese Food in Minutes.

China Modern
Simon and Schuster
Author: Ching-He Huang
ISBN: 9781856269612
Price: $35.00