Child's Play: Bedroom Makeover

Child's Play: Bedroom Makeover

Child's Play: Bedroom Makeover

A child's bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but also provides a sanctuary for them to play games, host sleepovers or spend time studying.

The bedroom needs to be inviting to sleep in, but equally as important, it needs to be inspiring and stimulating says Forty Winks National Merchandise Coordinator, Wayne Borg.

'When preparing for a makeover or update, it's important parents include their child in the planning process in order for them to fashion their own individual style to create a room they'll love spending time in."

Important design elements in the bedroom include theming, colour selection and personal style, as well as available space and budget considerations.

'Involve your child and encourage them to choose a theme or colour scheme that is reflective of their personality and that they'll love for years to come," says Wayne.

'Regardless of room size or budget, there are clever ways to update the bedroom without spending a fortune. If restricted with space, consider furniture or bed suites that feature clever inbuilt storage solutions for those tighter room dimensions," adds Wayne.

'There are various bed options available that will sleep a child from their first -grown up' bed through to their teens. This means that they can maintain the same bed as they grow and will save costs over the course of their development," Wayne continues.

Bunk beds have become increasingly popular over the past 12 to 18 months and Forty Winks has an even greater variety of styles and options available, including bunks with work stations and added storage.

'Popular bunks to accommodate friends staying the night include the Forty Winks Snow Bunk and Saturn Bunk," says Wayne.

The Forty Winks Snow Bunk and Saturn Bunk are great for smaller spaces and for accommodating extra kids for sleepovers.

Additional under bed storage options such as the Forty Winks Odyssey Bed incorporate a clever gas lift system for those tighter spaces.

Innovative products such as King Koil Breathe Active and King Koil Breathe Energy mattresses, available from Forty Winks, provide chiropractic support for your child. Endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia, they also feature breathable technology for added protection.

For those children that suffer from bed wetting, Protectabed is an easy to fit mattress protector available from Forty Winks. It's ideal in any situation requiring waterproof protection including bed wetting and toilet training.

It also features hygienic and anti-allergy technology that is absorbent and breathable.
To add the finishing touch, bed linen and accessories such as pillows, rugs and throws are a great way to introduce bursts of colour.

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Bedroom Tips:
Use bright colours to help stimulate imagination.
Colourful graphic prints or bold accessories will create a pop of colour against neutral walls or furniture pieces.
Bean bags or cushions can double as up as cosy reading nooks.
Personalise the room with posters, art pieces and photographs.
Additional storage can be used for keeping toys and books tidy and off the floor.