Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage Limited Edition

Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage Limited Edition

Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage Limited Edition

Meet the newest delivery to the Cabbage Patch, the Limited Vintage Edition kids. Commemorating the original 1983 launch, the Vintage kids are styled to match the first ever Cabbage Patch Kids.

Just like the ones everyone used to collect, the Limited Vintage Edition kids have wool hair, stitched soft bodies and original 80s fashions. These kids will really remind you of yesteryear. When Cabbage Patch Kids launched in the 80's, they were so popular that many stores sold out within weeks, sometimes hours, of the Kids hitting store shelves.

With more than 124 million Kids adopted since 1983, Cabbage Patch Kids are one of the world's most iconic toys. The Kids continue to strike a chord with parents and children as one of the most recognizable and beloved children's properties of all time.

Each loveable 'Kid' comes with its own special name, adoption papers and birth certificate. Cabbage Patch Kids are ready to be adopted by you and become part of a loving home!

Key Milestones
1983 Adoptions Begin: Cabbage Patch Kids go on record as the most successful new doll introduction in history, with 3 million sold in the first.
1985 Kids In Space: The first Cabbage Patch Kid journeys into outer space as a passenger on the US Space Shuttle.
1995 Olympic Gold: Cabbage Patch Kids are named the official mascot of the 1996 US Olympic Team.
1999 US Icon: Americans select Cabbage Patch Kids as 1 of 15 stamps commemorating the '80s.
2004 Relaunch: A new generation is exposed to Cabbage Patch Kids, with Australian children the first to adopt in the world.
2004 July: Bert Newton immortalised as Australia's first ever celebrity Cabbage Patch Kid.
2008 25th Birthday: 2008 marks the 25th birthday of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Australian personalities Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur received their own celebrity look-a-like kids to celebrate.
2012 Limited Vintage Edition Kids are launched

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