Escape the Paparazzi by buying your own island in the sun.

Escape the Paparazzi by buying your own island in the sun.
Australias only true luxury portal is now listing stunning tropical islands as a response to the current trend of purchasing exclusive island getaways.

The trend, led by celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Paloma Picasso, Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson, ensures total privacy away from prying paparazzi and outer worldly distraction.

"We currently have a number of extremely beautiful and secluded islands for sale. Its the must-have haven for the celebrities and millionaires who crave the ultimate in seclusion, comfort and style." comments James Dutton, Managing Director of

Islands currently showcased include:

Kaimbu Island Resort

Location: Lau Group, Fiji Islands Lat: 17░ 1500 S Long: 179░ 3000
An 800 acre, 5 star Private Island Resort in one of the most beautiful areas in Fiji.
Price: $38M USD

Little Eden Cay

Location: Nicaragua
Area: 26 acre - 10 hectare
The island is owned by a New Zealander with 6 children, real Swiss
Family Robinson style.
Price: $4M

Andavaci Island

Location: Lau Group, Fiji Islands Lat: 17░ 11' 60 S Long: 179░ 0' 0W
102 acres of stunning freehold island, just minutes from regional airport yet completely private
Price: $12M USD

"New islands are being listed each day as they become available, and we are very excited to add this as a special dimension to our already successful luxury property section" says Mr.Dutton. is the site where discerning buyers can purchase ultra luxurious items such as prestige and unique cars and boats, aircraft, antique collectables and exclusive products and services. It currently experiences on average of 7.5 million hits per month.