Busby Pure Tissue Oil

Busby Pure Tissue Oil
Busby Pure Tissue Oil... approved by busy mums!

While the heart can expand a million times over to encompass the love of a new baby, the skin, unfortunately, is not so elastic.

Between 75 and 90 percent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. So its no surprise that mostexpecting mothers are concerned and looking for ways to prevent or treat the dreaded stretch.

Shelves are bursting with a confusing selection of body oils all claiming to contain the next wonder property.Yet most contain synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients we can barely pronounce.

So, whats the key to finding a natural solution to achieving beautiful skin that really works?

Busby Pure Tissue Oil... a clinically proven face and body oil, formulated to improve the appearance of stretchmarks and scars within 28 days - perfect for busy mums.

Containing no harmful ingredients, just the unique blend of naturally derived oils, including Avocado, GrapeSeed and Rose Hip - which will help nourish, replenish and revitalise.

Dont let stretch marks and scars become a source of distress. Busby Pure Tissue Oils unique formula combinesnatural botanicals that improve the texture and suppleness of damaged skin cells, resulting in a firmer, smootherand more toned appearance.

With five times more Vitamin E than leading tissue oil brands,Busby Pure Tissue Oil is also rich in Vitamin A & C, providing theskin with the antioxidants it needs to fight the daily signs of ageing.Busby will also help improve skins hydration with collagen-boostingessential fatty acids, resulting in firm, smooth and glowing skin.

It is light, fresh and easily absorbs into skin leaving no greasy residue.So start on your way to naturally beautiful looking skin withBusby Pure Tissue Oil... The clinically proven natural alternative!Busby Pure Tissue Oil is available at Pharmacies.

Visit www.fgb.com.au for further information.

Did you know..?

Leading brands of tissue oil pack their products with liquid paraffin, petrochemicals or BHT, which come directly from crude oil.

They can build up in the skin, clogpores and reduce the absorption ofcritical vitamins and nutrients.

Natural tips for healthy pregnant skin!It is true that woman can glow during pregnancy. However, since the body is undergoing various changes,it is also likely that the skin may require extra care and pampering.

To keep pregnant skin looking its best, consider these tips:
Is it safe?

Make sure your chosen skin care products are safe to use during pregnancy. Some products containminerals, synthetics and potentially harmful ingredients which may not be safe during pregnancy.Check with your doctor if you are not sure. Remember, everything put on skin can be absorbedinto the body.

Naturally moisturise.

Use a natural product, such as Busby Pure Tissue Oil, to moisturise frequently. This will keep your skinhydrated, supple, firm and healthy. It can also help prevent stretch marks and itchiness. Minimum timespent in the shower can also help your skin retain moisture.

Drink water.

8 glasses of water a day will keep you well hydrated and skin healthyfrom the inside out.

Protect yourself.

Use sunscreen every day. Not only can the suns dangerous UV rayscause cancer, it can keep your skin from darkening in patches,known as the "mask of pregnancy".

Wear loose clothing.

As you approach your third trimester, make sure you wearcotton-based comfortable clothing. This will help keep rashesand irritations at bay.

Stress less.

How we feel on the inside can affect how we look on theoutside. In fact, studies link factors that affect our emotionalwell-being - such as stress, depression and anxiety - to anincrease in skin problems. So reduce your stress to ensurehealthy skin.


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