Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales & Bratz Kidz Twin Pack DVDs

Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales & Bratz Kidz Twin Pack DVDs


Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales is an enchanting movie that follows the Kidz' adventure into Fairy Tale Land and the new film is also available in a double pack with Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure, a movie full of scary stories and popcorn that will leave fans wanting more!

Launched in the market in 2001 as dolls aimed at tweens, the Bratz franchise is one of the biggest in the world with a huge range of product in the market. In addition to a number of different doll lines, the Bratz range also includes a variety of toys, books, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, confectionary, jewelry, luggage, apparel, manchester, furniture.

And media products consist of 13 films, a TV series, 10 video games, 8 CD albums and an official Bratz magazine. In Australia, 24 Bratz DVD titles have been released with retail unit sales reaching over 480,000 with a total value of over $8.3million.

Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales stars our very own Bratz Kidz as fairy tale legends - Yasmin as Cinderella, Cloe as Rapunzel, Jade as Snow White, and Sasha as Little Red Riding Hood. The film starts off with the Kidz putting on a Fairy Tale Showcase for the kindergartners at their school. Once rehearsals start the Kidz think they can do a better job handling the challenges their heroines once faced. A frog overhears them and zaps them into Fairy Tale Land where they get the chance to prove their claims!

Now available in a double pack with Fairy Tales, Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure takes fans back to the first-ever Kidz movie! A new girl on the block invites the Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin to her house for a sleepover. The Kidz are in for a night of fun with popcorn and spooky tales, but little do they know the fictional monsters in their stories actually start coming to life!

Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales - RRP: $14.95
Bratz Kidz Twin Pack (Fairy Tales & Sleep-Over Adventure) - RRP: $19.95