Battle Strikers

Battle Strikers

Battle Strikers set to put children in a spin this Christmas

MEGA Brands launches the 21st century version of the classic spinning top

The latest version of the classic spinning top - Battle Strikers is launching in time for Christmas and is set to put children in a spin as they launch their Striker at up to 6000rpm and control their tops for the first time.

Battle Strikers is a 21st century version of the classic spinning top, but now there are no ripcords or pull strings. The Battle Strikers Turbo Launcher provides all the power. In a first for spinning tops, Battle Strikers feature a Controller that allows you to dodge and move the Striker into battle.

Battle Strikers feature 16 unique and collectable Strikers that can be customized as each Striker is calibrated to allow the player to select a more defensive or offensive battle mode.

Battle Strikers will provide children with hours of fun as they collect the different Strikers, create their own battle-ready Striker and compete against their friends.

According to Director of MEGA Brands Australia Pty Ltd, David Innes, Battle Strikers has been one of the most anticipated launches he has seen. "The results we've seen in North America and UK are phenomenal with Battle Strikers featuring in the most respected Top Toys lists and selling out of stores almost as soon as it hits the shelves.

"The beauty of Battle Strikers is that, because the Battle Striker top can be controlled, the player can improve their battle skills with practice - the kids love it. Once they start playing they don't want to stop. We are very excited to be launching Battle Strikers in Australia," said David.

Parents and grand parents will recall the hours of fun they had with spinning tops and Battle Strikers introduces the first innovation to spinning tops in over fifty years as the new controller takes the game play to a whole new level.

According to John Redenbach, former Director, Australian Toy Association and Myer Senior Buyer - Toys, kids are going to be spoilt for choice this Christmas as they start putting pen to paper developing their wish lists in the lead up to Santa's arrival in just over five weeks.

"One toy thats set to put kids in a spin, is Battle Strikers - a 21st century version of the classic spinning top. Kids launch their spinning top from a handheld turbo launcher that sends their Striker into action at over 6000 rpms," said John.

"Battle Strikers are set to be a huge success in Australia after their massive take up overseas. We are excited as kids of all ages have such a fun and interactive range of new toys, games and kid-friendly electronics launching in time for Christmas," explained John.

Battle Strikers are available from all major toy retailers from RRP$6.99.