Born with Style Baby Cubes

Born with Style Baby Cubes
Making sure your baby has home-cooked, perfectly portioned meals at every meal time is a snap thanks to Baby Cubes.

Mums want the best for their babies but taking the time to prepare home cooked food for your baby every day can be a challenge. With Baby Cubes, mums can make up batches of nutritious home-cooked dishes, pop them into the cubes and freeze for up to six months. Great for breast milk, storing home-cooked meals, left-overs, snacks or treats.

Baby Cubes provide safe storage for baby food, so parents know exactly what their child is eating without having to spend hours in the kitchen every day.

Every cube has a flip-top lid that is air tight so you can throw a Baby Cube straight into your nappy bag without worrying about mess or leakage. Grab a portion out of the freezer, pop it open and simply microwave for an easy lunchtime meal with no preparation or just have them handy when you're multi-tasking around the house.

Baby Cubes are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe as they are completely sealed, so there's no need to worry about freezer burn, which happens when using traditional ice cube trays.

The trays are easily stacked in the freezer and are available in two sizes so the portions can grow with your baby. Use the original Baby Cubes while bub is young, and as their appetite grows, graduate up to the 70ml cubes.

You can even use them for yourself - snacks at work, freezing excess lemon juice, storage for small household items or for handy crafts such as beading or scrap booking.

Baby Cubes - Original Size $14.95, Large Size $16.95

Review: Strong, convenient and durable, use them for baby food, stock & storage, there are many uses for these handy cubes...

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