Archline Orthotic Thongs

Archline Orthotic Thongs

The World's Most Comfortable Orthopedic Thongs

With the warmer months approaching, having comfortable and supportive footwear is crucial to enjoying the sunny outdoors. Archline Orthotic Thongs are lightweight, flexible and supportive – They are the perfect way to keep feet comfortable, supported and healthy, to keep you moving all this summer.

John Ryou, a Melbourne based podiatrist says, "Australians buy almost 3 million pairs of thongs per year, but many people don't realise that wearing traditional flat thongs can actually be a health hazard! Ordinary thongs offer no arch or heel support, offer little or no shock dispersion, can overstretch your arch and you have to grip them with your toes for every step. This can lead to pain and fatigue, especially when walking on hot surfaces in the summer.

"I recommend Archline Thongs to my clients as not only do they offer more support and stability, but they are also comfortable to wear and provide relief to common foot pain conditions. They are a great alternative to traditional flat thongs," adds John.

Key features and benefits of Archline Thongs include:

Built in Orthotic Arch Support
ARCHLINE Balance Technology
Super Lightweight & Flexible
Relieves Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain
Non-Irritative PVC Strap
Durable Anti-Wear Base
Waterproof & Washable
Can be worn for any occasion

"Archline Thongs have a contoured foot bed maps the shape of your foot's soft tissue and ligaments. It works to relieve strain and over-extension of the plantar fascia ligament caused by overpronation, which is one of the main causes of foot and heel pain. I've seen so many thong wear injuries over the years, so it's time Australians take their foot health seriously this summer. We only get one pair of feet in life, so treat with kindness!" said John.

The Archline Thongs range includes balance Thongs (unisex) and Breeze Thongs (women) in a wide range of colours.

Archline's supportive footcare range feature special Balance Technology to align the body's natural foundation, support and relieve foot pain and to keep you moving for longer. Archline's products provide relief for foot conditions such as flat feet, plantar fascilitis, heel pain and other foot pain. The full collection currently includes: thongs, slippers and orthotic insoles. Experience the benefits of Balance with Archline. Archline Thongs are available now in selected stores at an RRP of $34.95 per pair. or (02) 9836 1000