Anxiety Free

Anxiety Free

Anxiety Free

It's been said that people's number one feat is public speaking. Number two is death. Wouldn't it be liberating if we knew how to outsmart our fears and live a less stressful life?

In his new book, Anxiety Free, Robert Leachy offers practical exercises that can be used effectively on any of the most common anxiety disorders. Here are some tips he talks about in his new book:
Change the rules you live by: Realise that all anxiety is based on four rules: 1) Look for danger, 2) Catastrophise, 3) Control, and 4) Avoid escape. Whether your fear is of snakes, dogs, or public speaking, all of these rules come into play. All you need to do to be anxiety free is a new rule-book.

Focus on safety and competence: If your fear is public speaking, for example, you can look for signs of safety and competence- "How many times have you had conversations that went well?" and "Isn't it true that you actually do know the material?". You can take away the catastrophe by realising no one is a perfect public speaker and no one really cares if you look anxious.

No medication needed: You can reverse your anxiety without taking medication. Rather than trying to control things, try letting go of control. Practice a behaviour that you might fear, like deciding to 'fake' that your mind goes blank when giving a speech. No one really cares. No consequences. Become the person who can say, "Yes, I can do that, I do hard things." Anxiety is temporary.

Robert L. Leachy, Ph.D., is recognised worldwide as one of the most respected writers and speakers on cognitive therapy. Educated at Yale University, he is the president of the International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy and author and editor of 15 books, including The Worry Cure. He has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers, as well as on many television and radio programs.

Anxiety Free
HayHouse Publishers
Author: Robert Leachy
ISBN: 97810401921644
Price: $19.95